The 5 Best Landing locations in SCUM

What’s a prison break without zombies?

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Survival games come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in modern gaming. From whimsical to realistic and everything in between, there’s some sort of survival game for everyone. SCUM is an open-world post-prison break survival game that pits players in a ‘televised’ battle for life and death around a prison complex. The game features an almost unparalleled level of customizability, where you can fine-tune all aspects of your character before plunging into the unforgiving world. Once you’re there, what then? To answer that, you will have to find what are the best landing locations in the game, and to help you with that, we have prepared our five favorite picks to land and start your survival adventure in SCUM.

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The best landing locations in SCUM

Image by Gamepur

5. B2 Gun Range

Despite what the name might suggest, this area is too often sparse with weapons and ammo. However, it’s a target of periodic loot drops where you can get some restock options, and even a new gun or two, as well as other weaponry. There aren’t too many patrols in this area, so it’s relatively safe… except for the undead Puppets that will come running if they hear gunfire down the range. Still, with its central position, the Gun Range is a great location to land if you’re unsure of which way to go.

4. D0 Military Barracks

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Completely opposite from the centrally-positioned Gun Range, the Military Barracks is tucked into a corner of the map. If you choose to land there, you can be sure to at least be safe from two sides, which favors more cautious players. On that note, this location is also where some primo loot can spawn, which makes it an often-patrolled area by NPCs and players alike. If you can get your hands on some of those guns, you can turn the tables on anyone and make the location your own with some effort and persuasive application of force. 

3. B3 Castle

A relatively new addition to the game’s map, this Castle can be fortified with some effort. That’s the purpose of a castle after all. However, the location itself is relatively empty of loot, especially in the gun department, which means that you will have to plan ventures to get some. Luckily, the castle is surrounded by plump points of interest that are just begging for some looting. Don’t be afraid to go medieval on them.

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2. C2 Prison

Starting a prison break game from prison is almost too cliche, right? Not necessarily, as this is a great location to explore, even if there aren’t really too many valuable resources to be found to jump-start your survival game. The prison building itself was modeled after the famous prison from The Walking Dead TV show and is chock-full of Easter eggs. If for nothing else, you owe it to yourself to explore it for that fact alone. Just beware of the roaming mechs.

1. C2 Dam

One of the best practical points to land in the game has to be the Dam. Neatly tucked right near the border of C2 and C3 regions, this location can provide you with a good position to venture further across the map. The Dam itself has some good loot in its lower portion if you can manage the mech patrols that roam the area. The location, wealth, and versatility all contribute to making the Dam the best landing location in SCUM.