The best 5 team compositions in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7: Dragonlands

These are the top TFT comps to climb with.

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Teamfight Tactics is a game with an ever-shifting meta. New comps rise and fall as the players adapt, and strategies trickle down from top ranks to those still grinding away. Attaining the coveted Top 4 every game lets you rise further and faster, so picking the right composition is paramount to your success from match to match.

Yet as the meta develops, some compositions will prove to be more successful than others. With that in mind, we present you with the five best compositions to climb with in the first patch of the new Set 7: Dragonlands, Patch 12.11.

5 best team compositions in TFT Set 7: Dragonlands

These comps have proven to be capable of regularly attaining the Top 4 positions required to earn points in ranked.

1. Aurelion Sol Mages

  • 5 Mage, 3 Astral, 2 Trainer, 2 Bruiser, 2 Evoker, 2 Mystic, 1 Dragon, 1 Spell-Thief

This composition hinges on being able to acquire or craft the Mage Emblem for Aurelion Sol. With the venerable dragon as the carry and Sylas as his backup, this comp can melt through the opposition by leveraging the insanely powerful Mage trait. It dips into several other useful traits, all serving to further power up your Mages in small increments.

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2. Level 9 Flex

  • 4 Tempest, 2 Whispers, 2 Guardian, 1 Guild, 1 Dragon, 1 Bard

This is a composition that wants to rush to level 9 following a strong early game opening and strong economy from win streaks and Augments. It plays around as many 5-cost units as it can get, such as Ao Shin, Yasuo, Bard, and even Pyke or Zoe. Its main goal is to overpower enemy comps through raw power of as many 5-costs as it can field.

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3. Dragon Alliance

  • 4 Mirage, 3 Dragon, 3 Jade, 2 Mystic, 1 Guild, 1 Bard

This composition requires one of the two mandatory Augments: Dragon Alliance or Dragon Horde. These Augments allow it to run multiple Dragons without disabling their trait, which leads to a powerful board. In this case, it would use Idas as the main tank of the comp, Daeja as the ranged DPS, and Shi Oh Yu as supporting DPS, with other units contributing with buffs and crowd control.

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4. Ragewing Xayah

  • 6 Ragewing, 4 Shapeshifter, 3 Jade, 2 Swiftshot, 1 Dragon

This composition has a couple of variants, but the current best one includes the Jade package for extra survivability. It revolves around Xayah as carry, hidden behind a strong Ragewing wall of sturdy units, and shapeshifting Shyvana leading the draconic charge, alongside Neeko as her backup.

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5. Ezreal Reroll

  • 3 Guild, 2 Tempest, 2 Guardian, 2 Assassin, 2 Swiftshot

This composition doesn’t rely on huge trait bonuses but rather on spreading the effects of several traits onto many cheaper units that it wants to level up to 2 and 3 stars. It uses Ezreal as the main carry, stacking items and buffs on him, and due to the unit composition, is meant to be played as a slow roll comp.

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Honorable mentions:

  • Swain Reroll; Yone Reroll; Yasuo Battery; Assassins; Corki Cannoneers; Daeja-Vu.