The best accessories in Terraria

With any one of these, you can become an almighty powerhouse.


After several updates to the side-scrolling mega-hit, Terraria, there’s certainly now enough accessories to lose count of. From yo-yos to shells, the game definitely has odd ones that appear like worthless tools. However, some of the most ridiculously sounding items are actually the rarest and beneficial of the bunch and most be spotlighted. The open-world survival game is surely a tough venture, so if you’re looking for a one-up, look no further. From items that gift blazing speed to damaging physical attacks, here is our list of the best supplies needed to dominate any mode in the game.

10. Yoyo Bag

Yes, it barely makes the cut here, but it really is a powerful aid. The Yoyo Bag allows characters to use two yo-yos at once for quick, brutal attacks. To obtain the Yoyo Bag, players will need to gather white string, the Yoyo Glove, and any colored Counterweight. It should be noted that, like most powerful accessories, this can only be acquired through Hard Mode. It’s well worth it, though, as some yo-yos can do up to 190 damage, such as the Terrarian and The Eye of Cthulhu.

9. Vortex Booster

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The Vortex Booster is a tier 10 quality item from the Vortex Pilar set. Equipped with the booster, players will be able to fly, with slowed time during falls. The most significant trait of the Vortex Booster is the fact it allows 300% faster speed while hovering from left to right. As if it couldn’t get any better, it also doubles the time you can fly for, too. To collect the wing-type, users will have to craft together 10 Luminite Bars with 14 Vortex Fragments.

8. Paladin’s Shield

The Paladin’s Shield is a defensive player’s dream from on a high. The shield grants a 25% damage reduction for everyone on your team, so it’s a must-have for multiplayer. If you want to extract its best abilities for single-player use, you’ll have to combine it with the Warding prefix to obtain the shield’s 10 points for defense. Without the prefix, Paladin’s Shield still offers a manageable six points, as a tier eight item. Players who wish to find this will have to reach and defeat the Paladin boss in the Hard Mode dungeon.

7. Master Ninja Gear

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With the Master Ninja Gear, it is entirely possible to use the Tiger Climbing Gear, Tabi, and Black Belt simultaneously. Unsurprisingly, the recipe for the Master Ninja Gear is, in fact, just those three items, once at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. With this, you can stick or jump from walls, dash while in mid-air, and have an 11.5% chance to dodge incoming Lava, Spike, or Trap attacks. The gear ranks as a Tier 8 accessory.

6. Frostspark Boots

If you have the Lightening Boots and Ice Skates, you’ll be able to craft the sixth-best accessory in the game, the Frostspark Boots. The boots mold both of the other’s abilities together, offering faster running and flight and extra mobility on the ice. While equipped, the movement will boost 7% and increases a set of wing’s max height. Although a tier 7 object, players can obtain this before Hard Mode. You can discover the Ice Skates in Snow Biomes, but the Lightening Boots is exclusive to crafting, which takes the Spectre Boots, Anklet of the Wind, and Aglet.

5. Fire Gauntlet

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One hotly desired accessory that all Terrarians most have is the Fire Gauntlet. The gauntlet builds onto your melee damage enough to make bosses much easier to deal with. However, the possible fire damage done with it can only be applied to physical items, so mages are out of luck here. The good news is that it does not have to be made through Hard Mode, and can be crafted with only the Magma Stone and Mechanical Glove. To get started on your journey to the Fire Gauntlet, hunt down some Lava Bats, which are notoriously known for dropping Magma Stones. Meanwhile, the Mechinal Glove will have to be obtained through crafting with the Avenger Emblem and Power Glove.

4. Destroyer Emblem

Speaking of the Avenger Emblem, it is also an ingredient for the Destroyer Emblem, which you may choose to have over the Fire Gauntlet. It is a wise choice, too, especially for those who don’t attack up-close Take it from us: the Destroyer Emblem is a much more impactful accessory. Although like other emblems, it also packs 10% more damage to all attacks, its best strength is its ability to add 8% critical strike chance. The Destroyer Emblem can only be constructed with the Avenger Emblem and Eye of the Golem. It must be noted that it is not dropped by The Destroyer, as many originally believed.

3. Ankh Shield

The Ankh Shield has enough features to it that allows players to become borderline unstoppable. When equipped, you will be immune to knockback and can avoid any damage taken from blocks. Debuffs can be prevented by the shield, such as slow, confusion, curse and poison, among others, ultimately making this shield better than the Paladin’s. You can build the Ankh Shield by combining the Ankh Charm and Obsidian Shield. Be forewarned, the charm is a tough one to craft, as you’ll need The Plan, Blindfold, Countercurse Mantra, Armor Bracing, and Medication Bandage. Typically, players will have an easier time amassing these items when simply playing through the regular mode.

2. Celestial Shell

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After the 1.3 update, the added Celestial Shell easily became the most interesting accessory, as it transforms the player into a Werewolf at night and a Merfolk in water. Unfortunately, you can stack on their abilities, but it is a powerful accessory, nonetheless. The shell gives a 10% bonus to damage, 2% more of a critical strike chance, and an additional 4 points in defense. On top of that, health regeneration becomes more rapid when you are either of these creatures. As one might have guessed, it will take crafting the Celestial Stone and Moon Shell to obtain this outrageous accessory.

1. Worm Scarf

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If you think you can conquer the Eater of Worlds, one of the seven main bosses, then you will be able to collect, in our minds, the best accessory in Terraria. In the lands of The Corruption, you will have to break down three Shadow Orbs with either hammers or bombs. After, you will spot the boss charging at you. Once defeated, it is guaranteed to implode, with several items surrounding its corpse. One of those items is the game-changing Worm Scarf, which is an Expert tier accessory. With it on, you will take 17% less damage from all attacks. Ultimately, this will make your character a much bigger threat to enemies in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Of course, some of these accessories are interchangeable in rank, depending on what class you are using. If you already have these items and are still looking for your skills to reach new heights, we have also done some research on what wings are the greatest in the game.