The best Agents to use in Valorant

Hold an edge over your opponent with these characters.

Valorant Agents

Image via Riot Games

While choosing the right weapon to use in Valorant is a big part of your success, the Agent you select is arguably even more important. Unlike with a weapon, you’re stuck using one Agent for the duration of each match. So, picking one that has useful abilities and helps out both you and your team is vitally important. That’s why we’ve selected a few Agents that should be deemed the best in Valorant.


Screengrab via Riot Games.

The healer of Valorant, Sage, is one of the most practical Agents you can choose. Not only can she heal herself and any player on the team, but that Healing Orb ability recharges over time. After around 30 seconds of you using Healing Orb, you can heal you or a teammate again. This is a massive benefit in long-winded rounds.

Additionally, Sage can revive teammates with her ultimate ability, Resurrection. These two abilities alone make her a dominant Valorant Agent, but her other two abilities are fairly useful as well. With Slow Orb and Barrier Orb, you delay an enemy team’s entry into a bombsite or area. Pair all of these abilities together, and you have one of the best characters in Valorant.


Screengrab via Riot Games.

While Omen may not possess the amount of team-oriented abilities as Sage, he’s still a dominant presence. Utilizing both teleportation and smoke clouds, Omen can be quite the sneaky character in any given Valorant match. For example, you can throw out a smoke cloud, the Dark Cover ability, as cover, and use the Shrouded Step teleport ability to move to a spot where the enemies won’t see you.

However, the reason why Omen is considered one of the best is his ultimate ability. From The Shadows allows you to teleport anywhere on the map, no matter how far away it is. If you want to sneak around the map and be an aggressive player, there’s no better Agent than Omen.


Screengrab via Riot Games.

Wrapping up our list is Sova, the Agent that many newcomers to Valorant equip right away. Sova is one of several recon Agents, but we argue that he stands above the rest, with Cypher coming in at a close second. The reason for this is Sova’s abilities seem to come in handy more often.

The most popular of these abilities is the Recon Bolt, which is the blue dart that can be fired and shows the location of any enemy in its range. This is useful for breaking into a bombsite or contested area. In regards to Sova’s ultimate, this certainly has killed you if you’ve played Valorant. Hunter’s Fury allows Sova to equip a huge bow and fire three shocking blasts that can go through walls.

As for Sova’s other two abilities, they certainly have their uses. Shock Bolt can deal a small amount of damage but is more used for checking corners or delaying an enemy’s entry. Owl Drone, on the other hand, is fantastic for learning information on where enemies are located. All in all, Sova is a solid Agent to use in Valorant.