The 10 best artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons

Artifacts tip the tides in your favor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Image via Mojang

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You have an array of armor and weapons to acquire in Minecraft Dungeons. But you have more special powers from the artifacts you find on your adventure. They work similarly to weapons and armor and add to your overall gear power, but you cannot give them enhancements. You find them on a scale of common, rare, and unique. These artifacts work in special ways; some are more helpful for particular players than others. Here’s what you need to know about the 10 best artifacts you can find in Minecraft Dungeons.

The best artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons

Corrupted Seeds

The Corrupted Seeds artifact can be extremely good. It will entangle mobs of enemies, poisoning those it grabs. It can be a good way to clean out multiple enemies and damage them over time. However, it can only grab eight enemies at a time.

Death Cap Mushroom

You want to use this one depending on the type of enchantments you have with your melee weapon because it dramatically increases your attack speed for a small amount of time. For example, if you’re low on health and your weapons give you health back, you can pop this and receive a far greater amount of health than you usually would from your traditional attacks. You want to optimize this artifact with your enchantments.

Eye of the Guardian

The Eye of the Guardian works like other artifacts, such as the Corrupted Beacon or the Corrupted Pumpkin. It fires a constant beam of energy at enemies, damaging anything it hits. However, it does not require you to use any souls to power it, which can be a plus for some builds.

Iron Hide Amulet

With this amulet you can rush into a score of enemies and receive less damage from them than you traditionally would. You can pop it whenever you’re cornered or about to fight off a boss. You can receive less damage from foes, making it a great item to use when you focus on a single target and want to damage them without worrying too much about your health.

Shock powder

While the item says you can use it to make a daring escape, you likely want to use it before engaging a large group of mobs. When you throw this down, it sends an area-of-effect blast to stun all enemies around you, save the stronger ones and the bosses. But it’s excellent against the large mob of minions you traditionally fight. It stuns many of them, especially the stronger ones with heavy armor or the enchanted ones.

Soul Healer

The Soul Healer is one of the few items you can use to heal your character beyond the health potion. Unfortunately, you need souls to charge it, which you can receive by taking out enemies. Your soul meter underneath your artifacts icon on the lower section shows you how many you have, and a charge from the Soul Healer usually takes about a third of a full bar to heal you. It gives you about half of what you’d receive from a health potion, but it’s instrumental in a pinch.


The Spinblade is a unique artifact. It will fly out from your character, damaging multiple enemies before returning to you. It doesn’t do anything special, but it can be a good artifact if you’re looking to stack damage against several foes, and it doesn’t require your attention to use it. The weapon does eventually return to you.

Totem of Regeneration

Much like the Soul Healer, you can use this item to heal your character beyond relying on the health potion. However, it only works in a single location and gives you health over time rather than a full boost like the Soul Healer or a health potion. But you, your pets, and your allies receive the healing from it, making it a great item when you are playing Minecraft Dungeons with a party.

Updraft Tome

If you need a quick break from the mobs of enemies, the Updraft Tome is an excellent artifact to cause them to go flying. It sends up to six enemies up into the air, and when they hit the ground, they take damage. It’s not an extraordinary artifact, but it offers you a small break from certain foes chasing you down, giving you a few seconds to finish off other foes running after you.

Wind Horn

The Wind Horn sends out a blast from your character to project out, pushing enemies away from you. Not only do they go back, but they’re also slow, making it an excellent time for you to choose to continue fighting or to pull back and retreat. It’s a superb artifact when you find yourself surrounded by enemies, you need to slow down and target the weaker ones, so you only have to worry about the tougher enemies.