The best Assistance settings for new players in Microsoft Flight Simulator

A helping hand.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a complicated game. Aircraft are detailed and challenging to control, there are a vast number of systems and mechanics to learn, and it can be a very challenging experience. If you are new to the game, and wondering if there is a way to make things a little more comfortable while you learn the ropes, then you are in luck.

The options menu will give you access to the Assistance settings, and in here, you can make all kinds of tweaks to the games various systems that will make life easier.

Each section has two layers, a top-level category where you can set the difficulty, and then a drop-down menu allows you to tweak different aspects within that category. For a new player with no experience, you can just set everything to easy, but it is important to check what the game is actually changing. If you have no idea where the game is helping you, then you have no way to get better at flying.

Aircraft Systems

Aircraft Systems
  • Automixture – On
  • Unlimited Fuel – On
  • Aircraft Lights – On
  • Gyro Drift Auto-calibration – On

Failure and Damage

Failure and Damage
  • Crash Damage – Disabled
  • Aircraft Stress Damage – Disabled
  • Engine Stress Damage – Disabled
  • Icing Effect – Visual Only

Navigation Aids

Navigation Aids
  • Route and Waypoints – On
  • Taxi Ribbon – On
  • Landing Path – On
  • Smartcam Mode – Auto
  • POI Markers – On
  • City Markers – On
  • Airport Markers – On
  • Fauna Markers – On


  • Piloting and Controls Notifications – On
  • Aircraft System – On
  • Flying Tips – On
  • Objectives – On
  • Software Tips – On

User Experience

User Experience
  • ATC UI Panel open at start – Off
  • Show message log in ATC menu – Off
  • ATC Voices – On
  • Checklist in UI Panel open at start – On
  • VFR Map UI Panel open at start – Off
  • Nav Log UI Panel Open at start – Off