The best Atlas Builds in Omega Strikers

Your supreme goalkeeper.

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Atlas is a defensive character in Omega Strikers that boasts support abilities. A juggernaut in the defense, Atlas excels at breaking opposition plays and setting up teammates for success. Although most suitable for the role of a goalie, you can also deploy Atlas in a more advanced role if needed. If you plan to pick up Atlas and start using him in your games, refer to the guide below for his best build in Omega Strikers.

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Best Training for Atlas in Omega Strikers

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Unfortunately, there is not much you can alter or customize in a character that will affect its play style. However, this could also be a blessing in disguise as you don’t have to worry about different aspects and can solely focus on the gameplay. That said, each character in the game can be equipped with three pieces of Training which are basically passive buffs in the game.

When it comes to Atlas, “Built Different” and “Creator of Durable Things” will be stapled pieces of Training in his build. Built Different will increase the size of Atlas by 35% and the damage by 5%. Since you’ll likely deploy Atlas in the goalkeeping position, this Training will be fairly essential for him. On the other hand, Creator of Durable Things boosts Creations gain by 100% and damage by 5%. Using this Training, you’ll be able to heal allies efficiently while also being able to knock back opposing team players. For Atlas’ third Training, it all boils down to your preference and playstyle. If you plan to utilize Atlas in a more advanced role, “Crossover” could be a solid option as the Training provides 35% haste for 1.5s whenever you strike. This basically makes your character much faster, ultimately helping you reposition quickly. If you are just aiming to sit in front of the goal and protect it, Rapid Fire could be a better choice since it reduced the cooldown of Atlas’ primary ability by 12%, which goes up to 25% at max level.

Overall, you just have to try different pieces of Training and come to a conclusion yourself for the final picks.