The Best Bake Kujira Build in Smite

Bake Kujira has arrived to Smite, and in this guide we’re going to cover some of the best builds and items you should be using for it.

How to build Bake Kujira in Smite

Image via Titan Forge Games

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Bake Kujira has arrived at Smite, and you’ll have a chance to play as this Guardian. When playing as Bake Kujira, it’s important to account for the build you want to use and how you plan to play it alongside your teammates.

There are a few ways you can create your ideal Bake Kujira. Although considered a Guardian, Bake Kujira was designed to operate in the Solo lane, making it a unique character that can take hold of its own in one-on-one fights. Here’s what you need to know about the best Bake Kujira builds in Smite.

How to Build Bake Kujira in Smite

The best build for Bake Kujira in Smite
Image via Titan Forge Games

With Bake Kujira being a Guardian, he’s built to be at the front of the pack in your Smite team and is ready to take on every opponent. However, the way his abilities work, he’s more of an assistant to the rest of the team. He doesn’t have too many abilities where he can directly engage the enemy, but he can provide suitable service for the rest of your team, and he should be there to help mitigate any heavy enemy damage. Your build will change if you plan to prepare him for the Solo or Duo lanes. He works a bit like Mamn Brigitte or Charon, where he can be used in multiple roles.

The Best Relics for Bake Kujira in Smite

For Bake Kujira, the Relic you want to use depends on where you’re playing him. If you’re in the Duo lane with a partner, you should use the type of Relics in Smite to support your ADC, such as picking between Cloak of Meditation or Magic Shell. Both options are good for the Duo lane and should make it easier for your ADC to push up on the enemy. Alternatively, you might want to go with Belt of Frenzy or Horrific Emblem, but those might be better for the second choice later in your Smite match.

However, if you’re playing in the Solo lane, the first Relic you’ll want to grab will be Teleport Fragment, and you’ll be using this to zip between your lane and your base. It’s the standard starting Relic for any Solo lane player, so you don’t have as many options.

The Best Starter Item for Bake Kujira in Smite

When it comes to selecting Bake Kujira’s starting item in Smite, again, it comes down to how you’re playing them. You can never go wrong with War Flag, Sentinel’s Gift, or Benevolence for the traditional Guardian role. Between the three, I’m leaning more toward War Flag or Benevolence, but that comes down to my personal preference for my play style. Sentinel’s Gift or War Flag might be your speed and more suitable for your lane partner.

The options are vastly different when you’re in the Solo lane with Bake Kujira. Warrior’s Axe could always be a good choice if you’d like to be more aggressive and require a heal, but Bluestone Pendant is always a helpful option if you want to lean into doing more ability damage to your opponent. If you know you will deal with having to use anti-heal, then you might be better with Tainted Steel.

Bake Kujira Ability Level Order in Smite

Now, the way you pick out Bake Kujira’s abilities will be necessary for your progression during your Smite match. Similar to the other categories, this does change based on your position. Here’s what we’d recommend you level up if you’re playing as a Support.

  • Rough Waters: 1/3/6/7/10
  • Sonic Wave: 2/15/16/18/19
  • Twisting Dive: 4/8/11/12/14
  • Yokai’s Lament: 5/9/13/17/20

Here’s how you should level up Bake Kujira’s abilities if you plan to play him in the Solo lane.

  • Rough Waters: 4/8/11/12/14
  • Sonic Wave: 1/3/6/7/10
  • Twisting Dive: 2/15/16/18/19
  • Yokai’s Lament: 5/9/13/17/20

The exact leveling of each ability does not have to be perfect for this, and it’s entirely up to you and how comfortable you feel with it.

The Best Items & Builds for Bake Kujira in Smite

Now, onto the real meat of how we will examine Bake Kujira: the best items and builds in Smite. These are some of the recommended items I think will be most suitable for you to give Bake Kujira as you use him in your match. Again, these items will vary based on how you’re playing him.

Bake Kujira Support Build Items

Let’s review the items if you will use him as a Support character.

  • Spartan Flag
  • Prophetic Cloak
  • Gauntlet of Thebes
  • Abyssal Stone
  • Genji’s Guard
  • Talisman of Energy

Best Solo Bake Kujira Items

These are the items I think would be suitable if you were to play Bake Kujira in the Solo lane.

  • Axe of Animosity
  • Archdruid’s Fury
  • Breastplate of Vigilance
  • Soul Gem
  • Gem of Isolation
  • Talisman of Energy

These item builds are not set in stone, and you’ll need to adjust based on who you’re fighting against during your Smite match with Bake Kujira. For example, if you’re looking for anti-heal options, these are some suitable choices you might want to use.

  • Divine Ruin
  • Contagion
  • Pestilence
  • Tainted Steel

Best Items to Increase Bake Kujira Damage

Now, if you’re looking to increase your ability damage with Bake Kujira, you may want to grab a handful of options.

  • Spear of the Magus
  • Ethereal Staff
  • Warlock’s Staff
  • Tablet of Destinies
  • Book of Thoth
  • Doom Orb
  • Charon’s Coin

Best Items for a Defensive Bake Kujira Build

Alternatively, if you want a more defensive build when playing as Bake Kujira in Smite, I think some choices might be good for you.

  • Mystical Mail
  • Mantle of Discord
  • Magi’s Cloak
  • Genji’s Guard
  • Shogun’s Kusair
  • Pridwen

Bake Kujira is a fascinating Guardian to arrive in Smite. You can choose where you’ll be able to use him, either in the Solo or Duo lane, but you can have more flexibility with him than you might have had with other Guardians.