The best base MUT wide receivers in Madden 21

The best wide receivers in MUT.

If you want to dominate the passing game, it takes more than just having a great quarterback and a stout offensive line. Wide receivers are the ones that need to get open and retrieve passes. So if you’re planning on going pass-heavy in Madden Ultimate Team, beef up your wide receiver group. But who are the best base MUT wide receivers in Madden 21? Let’s go over our top five wide outs.

Michael Thomas

Saints WR Michael Thomas has dominated opposing defenses for years, so he’s the highest-rated (88) base wide receiver in MUT. Yes, you can do better with the running attributes (83 Speed & 84 Agility), but Thomas does have good Acceleration (86) and Awareness (87). On top of that, Thomas has some of the best Catching (89) and Catch in Traffic (87) ratings in Madden 21. Thomas’ 6’3’’ frame should also be beneficial for those who want tall receivers who can reel in high balls.

DeAndre Hopkins

New Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins has the second-highest overall rating (87) among base MUT wide outs, and for a good reason. Hopkins’ 84 Speed attribute is one point higher than Michael Thomas’ rating, and the former Texans wideout also received an 89 Jumping rating, giving him the range necessary to snare high footballs. Hopkins’ weaknesses are in his route running, as those attributes (82 Medium Route Running & 82 Short Route Running) are about average. Despite those lower ratings, Hopkins is still a very valuable receiver in Madden 21.

Tyreek Hill

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill might only be 5’10’’, but he’s the fastest wide receiver you’ll find among base wide receivers. Not only does Hill have exceptional Speed (90) and Acceleration (90), but his 87 Deep Route Running makes him a matchup nightmare if you see him in MUT action. Hill’s deficiencies do come with his decent Jumping (84) rating and his height, but those are minor in nature. Hill is a weapon in the deep passing game, making him a very valuable commodity in MUT.

Julio Jones

Falcons WR Julio Jones has many of the characteristics that you want in a WR1: height, speed, and catching prowess. Jones’ 6’3’’ frame and 87 Jumping attributes aid him much like two of the other receivers mentioned in this list, Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins. And with 85 Speed and 84 Acceleration, Jones’ running attributes are good enough to break away from opposing cornerbacks.

Mike Evans

Buccaneers WR Mike Evans has been a MUT fan favorite for quite some time now. Evans is traditionally one of the more sought after wideouts in Madden thanks to his towering 6’5’’ frame and his solid Speed (84). Traditionally, larger wide receivers tend to have lower running attributes thanks to their large figures, but Evans is an anomaly on that front. But what might be Evans’ biggest asset is his ability to beat defenders, and his 88 Jumping and 86 Catch in Traffic ratings mean that he should be able to do so with consistency.