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The best Beast Mastery Hunter talents in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

It's difficult to find a better content grinder than a Beast Mastery Hunter.

As players charge through Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the Beast Mastery Hunter is once again going to be one of the most popular builds for working through the expansion. With the ability to have up to two pets out at once, Beast Mastery Hunters have the unique ability to have an NPC tank the damage from enemies while they sit back and deal a massive amount of damage. Here are the best Beast Mastery Hunter talents available in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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Dragonflight brings out an additional ten levels for players to use with an increased level cap of 70, and it’ll be put to good use thanks to the reworked Talent tree system, which was released in Dragonflight phase 1 pre-patch. Classes have 61 points to use; now — 30 for their spec, and 31 for their primary class. In the case of Beast Mastery Hunters, this means 31 points for the Hunter tree and 30 points for the Beast Mastery Tree.

Dire Pack Beast Mastery Hunter talent build for Dragonflight

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This ultimately changes rotations slightly for BMs, relying less on Cobra Sting for saving Focus on Kill Command from our prior Beast Mastery Hunter build, but we receive additional DPS from Dire Command/Frenzy with a softer Focus save with Dire Pack. Piercing Fangs usurps the Killer Cobra center, as the loss of Cobra Sting means BM Hunters can’t readily stack the procs for obscene damage. There is an alternative is the loss of Cobra Sting is too much of a shake; however, it means losing our Dire Pack ability.

Cobra Sting Beast Mastery Hunter talent build for Dragonflight

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This build allows us to keep the Cobra Sting, and Call of the Wild is a unique ability that stacks very well with Barbed Shot. Alpha Predator from the Hunter tree and Animal Companion from BM both combine for solid damage, and Call of the Wild brings additional burst DPS to the table on demand. We’re keeping DIre Beast as it leads to Stomp, which further increases our Barbed Shot damage. With this build, rather than keeping Barbed Shot debuff active on a target, incorporate Barbed Shots more consistently into your Kill Command/Cobra, depending on which are proccing at the time.

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