The best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Who are the best of the best?

Image via Supercell

In Brawl Stars, there are multiple characters you can choose from in the game. These characters are Brawlers, and they come with a range of skills, talents, weapons, and specialties. Not all of them are the same, and they vary on a preferred playstyle.

Mr. P

One of the best brawlers available is Mr. P. You can’t go wrong with this sharpshooter. His primary attack is called Your Suitcase Sir! When it hits an enemy or an obstacle, it bounces over them to deal an area of effect damage. His super allows him to create a small base for a penguin turret that will seek out nearby foes. If the turret goes down, another goes in its place, until the base blows up or Mr. P places another. He’s an outstanding annoyance, and his ranged attack damages multiple people, especially with how easy it is to rely on auto-aim.


Rosa is a close-range monster, capable of taking substantial damage and dealing it back with an adequate response. Her primary attack is a close-range series of punches called Hands of Stone. Each attack sends out three punches in a small cone in front of her, capable of attacking multiple Brawlers. Her Super, Strong Stuff, provides her a temporary shield where she receives 70 percent less damage. She’s great in several different situations, capable of acting as an attacker or a defensive unit.


Carl is another Brawler capable of causing a great deal of damage to multiple Brawlers at the same time. His primary attack, Pickaxe, has him swinging his weapon out towards an enemy, going a certain distance, and then returning to him. His biggest downside is needing to wait for his Pickaxe to return to him after it’s thrown, but it can go through an opponent, hit another, and damages them on the way back. The primary attack can do a significant amount of damage for opponents who don’t move out of the way. His super, Tailspin, sends him spinning his mine cart, damaging multiple enemies all around him. If used properly, his super can wipe plenty of opponents.


Frank is a quick-moving fighter who takes a moment to swing down his hammer to attack enemies. The attack moves out in a cone in front of him, damaging multiple people at once. If lined up properly, Frank and corner multiple Brawlers in the unique environments and hit them again and again. His ultimate attack works the same way, except it extends out, destroying obstacles and stuns opponents caught in it. Frank has plenty of health and is an ideal choice for any defensive options. He can do plenty of damage to defend himself, too, ready to protect any of your squishier allies.


Gene is a superb long-range fighter. His primary attack, Smoke Blast, does a great amount of damage whenever it hits a target. However, if he fires this attack and it hits nothing, it spreads out into a small cone of its final length, spreading out multiple different shots. Those who recognize Gene’s comprehensive range for his basic can optimize on this unique option to hit foes well out of range of their attacks. It doesn’t do as much damage, but it’s a great way to prevent Brawlers from regaining health. Additionally, his super can pull in some of the weaker Brawlers, forcing them to face enemies or pulling into those holding onto the highest gems.


Penny is excellent at hitting foes who cluster together too much. Her primary attack, Plunderbuss, fires out a standard attack that spreads out from whatever enemy it hits, damaging those behind them at the same damage. Those who continue to cluster together will consistently fall to Penny’s relentlessly attacks, making her a primary target. Her super, Old Lobber, creates a stationary turret that fires at a target from long-ranges. If appropriately aimed, Old Lobber can continually damage several enemies if strategically placed away from the central area of fighting.