The best castle upgrades to invest in first in Rogue Legacy 2

What do you upgrade first?

When your character dies in Rogue Legacy 2, you have three options to pick from to play during your next attempt at the dungeon. Not much comes with you when you die, but what does carry over between generations is the upgrades and armor you choose before starting your journey. These upgrades are represented by the castle you steadily build by buying the different portions of it and using your hard-earned gold. Not all of them are available yet because the game is still in early access. Some are better than others to go for first.

Blacksmith and Enchantress

These are great to unlock first, and essential. They’re closer to the bottom and force you to purchase before you can build your castle. The blacksmith gives you access to armor, and the enchantress unlocks runes. You probably won’t run into any armor pieces or runes to use until you’re stronger. You might find yourself finding a few armor blueprints during your first few runs. Regardless, except to grab these two first.

All classes

Everyone has access to the knight, but there are three more available that you need to unlock with the castle: Barbarian, Mage, and Archer. Unlock these to widen the number of classes your children can be when you pick them after you die. A wider pool gives you the chance to change your approach to the castle, making some abnormal traits your children receive better depending on the type of class.

Foundry (Armor)

Above the mage class is the foundry upgrade where you can increase your character’s starting armor. It’s not much, but building on this early will be good for you. It gives you additional armor on top of any armor your character already wears from the blacksmith. It can add a decent amount to provide you with more health to make it further into the dungeon.

Fashin Chambers (weight capacity)

You can find this upgrade underneath the blacksmith. It increases the amount of armor weight your characters can wear. The higher your weight capacity, the more armor your character can wear, giving you access to the higher quality pieces that you may find as you steadily delve deeper into the dungeon.

Arsenal and Study Hall (melee and spell damage)

The arsenal (increased melee damage) is to the left of the barbarian, and the study hall (increased spell damage) is to the right of the mage. You can switch between upgrading these two. You may even prefer the melee attackers over the mages, thereby encouraging you to pick up arsenal more. While armor does help you survive, being able to one-shot enemies eliminates more obstacles in front of you.

Mess health (max health)

Your armor eventually breaks after your character is hit enough times, and all you have left is their health points. To increase those across all of your characters, you want to put more gold into the mess hall. It helps you remain alive across all characters, regardless of the traits. The only thing it doesn’t help with is when a character has the 150% gold boost from having the one-shot kill abnormality.