The best characters in Dragalia Lost

These are the most competitive Adventurers in Dragalia Lost at the moment.

Dragalia Lost

So you just can’t play Dragalia Lost for fun, enjoying every adventurer for their personality and charm? You just have to min-max your way to the top? We got you covered, you meta-obsessed monster. Here are the best characters to use in Dragalia Lost at the moment, based on their competitive power and toolkits.


Currently, Marth stands at the top of the food chain in terms of raw DPS. This Fire Emblem crossover character gets a great boost through his Mana Spiral, has Burn, and on top of all that he also brings along powerful support abilities. There is no reason not to take Marth in Dragalia Lost.


Emma is another powerful Flame option. Unlike Marth, she is more focused on support than damage output. That said, she makes a competitive pick for any Dragalia Lost roster, and is still top tier among the game’s characters.

Gala Laxi

Keeping the Flame pain train going, Gala Laxi is another great DPS pick. She can rival Marth in damage output, but unlike him and Emma she doesn’t add much to your team. Still, as a solo beatstick on fire she is a great addition to a team.


Patia is a support queen, and one whose kit is not just powerful but fun to use. She can dish out healing, protect her teammates, and buff their damage output.


If burst damage and flashy combos are not your speed, there’s Hildegarde. As the strongest healer Light has at the moment, Hildegarde wins by enabling her teammates to do all the dirty work while she keeps them healthy.

Gala Alex

With a strong dispell and massive damage output, Galex is one of the best characters in Dragalia Lost at the moment. She is arguably the top DPS in her element, although depending on your team Bellina could be used instead.


Elisanne is a multi-purpose adventurer in Dragalia Lost that is rare for combining good overall stats with great support potential. She can be added to any team, and is free!

Summer Sinoa

A boon to characters with crit builds, and bringing strong damage on her own, Sinoa is a really powerful Dragalia Lost DPS pick at the moment. This wind adventurer is worth including in any team.