The best classes in Toram Online

Which class do you choose when you first join Iruna?

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Toram Online is a beautifully designed mobile MMO that is still steadily gaining popularity after five years on the App Store. The game may be a bit grind-heavy, but the large variety of weapons and classes to experiment with keeps players interested long after hitting the level cap. With so much variety, it is easy for new players to feel a bit lost when trying to decide which class to use next. Here is our list of the best classes available in the game for solo play or when playing with a group.

Dual Sword

The Dual Sword class focuses entirely on speed and agility. This class can be something of a glass cannon. It can deal huge amounts of damage, but you need to rely on dodging and parry skills to avoid attacks rather than taking the hit head-on. The class makes use of a very quick playstyle with high DPS skills and attacks. You can knock down enemies fairly easily, but you will need to stay constantly aware of your health.


Enchanters have a good balance between the straightforward combat of melee classes and the technical requirements of a magical class. They have high DPS out of the box and numerous skills that make it easy to survive most encounters. This is a tank class at the core that focuses on dealing damage while mitigating enemy attacks. The biggest drawback to this class is that it doesn’t have any AoE skills. The class can only focus on one enemy at a time and relies heavily on buffs to make it through a fight.


The Samurai class is a little more technical than the other classes on this list. The class has the potential to dish out huge amounts of damage but good timing and planning are needed to get the most out of it. The tricky bit with this class is that it isn’t as adaptable as others. You can choose between having high health or high damage; there isn’t really a good way to make a decent generalist version of this class. The class makes heavy use of sheathing and unsheathing the weapon to deal critical damage. With good timing, you can easily knock down just about any enemy in the game.

Shield Mage

This is another beginner-friendly class that sacrifices DPS for survivability. Mages in general don’t deal as much damage as other classes on this list, but they still come pretty close. The class makes up for the lower overall damage by being one of the most adaptable in the game. You can easily switch from DPS to Support without missing a beat. You also have access to more AoE skills and tend to be more accurate overall. This is an unforgiving class that can be very difficult for beginners to get a handle on.

Two-Handed Sword

This will come as no surprise to most Toram players. It is arguably the most popular class in the game. The class has a lot of buffs and is very beginner-friendly. Anyone can pick up this class and do well with it. It deals high damage and is pretty flexible. If you pick up a few magic skills, you can handle just about anything with this class.