The best Endeavor talent tree path and chips in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

How to build Endeavor.

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Endeavor can be a powerful hero in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. He can be extremely effective if you happen to roll on him during his banner. He’s a technical character, so you want to make sure you have plenty of T-Factor points to boost him through his talent tree. We’ve broken down the best pathway you need to go down to optimize Endeavor early and some of the best chips available to him, along with his exclusive ones.

Endeavor talent tree path

You have three path choices for Endeavor. There are two choices you want to make depending on how you prefer to play Endeavor. If you’re looking to focus on Endeavor landing critical hits and have chips that boost his critical chance and damage, you want to go with the top right option. You’ll receive an increased critical chance buff that you can stack on Endeavor. However, if you prefer raw damage, the bottom right choice is good, increasing Endeavor’s spear throw AoE, damaging enemies that are within it. This will be extremely good in Super Co-op Battles and most PvE encounters.

After you’ve acquired Scorched Earth for the second path, you want to go up the top left tree. Many of the talents in this tree increase Endeavor’s self-heal ability. There is a talent where Endeavor has a chance of becoming invincible for a short amount of time when using his lance ability. Endeavor’s playstyle is all about using his lance and balancing his damage from using that ability and his healing.

Once you’ve finished going through those trees, the final one will be the one you did not go down with Endeavor, which could be the top or bottom right. We don’t recommend going down these two before hitting the top left tree. Endeavor’s survivability is greatly increased with the top left tree and is useful for every Endeavor player.

Endeavor chips

When it comes to chips, Endeavor has several exclusive ones that you can roll on while his banner is available. These are the extra stats you want to try to aim for with Endeavor.

  • Critical damage
  • Critical increase
  • Damage increase
  • Penetration
  • Tenacity
  • Technical

The more Endeavor can focus on increasing his overall damage, along with any critical attacks that can he land with his lance, boosted by his tree, he’s going to dominate the competition.