The best Fossil Cup Pokémon Teams in Pokémon Go – June 2022

What are the best teams you can use in the Fossil Cup?

Image via Niantic

The Fossil cup is a time for some of your more unique Pokémon to shine in Pokémon Go. Here, you will have the chance to use only Water, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon that do not exceed 1,500 CP against other players, limiting the types of teams you can create. Given these limitations, there is a handful of standout Pokémon that we want to recommend for you to use to get you the most wins. This guide covers the best Pokémon teams you can use in Pokémon Go’s Fossil Cup.

Best Fossil Cup Pokémom Teams

Araquanid, Escavalier, and Tapu Fini

Araquanid will be an excellent Pokémon for this competition for those who can manage to catch enough and evolve it into one. It’s a solid starter Pokémon with plenty of bulk to keep it alive. You want to add Escavalier, a robust Steel and Bug-type Pokémon, and the legendary Tapu Fini as the Closer.

  • Araquanid: Bug bite (fast move), bug buzz, and bubblebeam
  • Escavalier: Counter (fast move), drill run, and megahorn.
  • Tapu Fini: Water gun (fast move), surf, and moonblast

Lucario, Swampert (Shadow), and Quagsire (Shadow)

For another team idea, we have Lucario as the Lead option. Lucario will be another popular choice by anyone competing in the Fossil Cup because of its incredible fast move pressure and how fast it can fire out its abilities. To support it, the always-beloved Swampert as a shadow Pokémon will be good, and you can use another shadow Pokémon, Quagsire, as your closer.

  • Lucario: Counter (fast move), shadow ball, and power-up punch
  • Swampert (Shadow): Mud shot (fast move), hydro cannon, and earthquake
  • Quagsire (Shadow): Mud shot (fast move), earthquake, and stone edge

Ludicolo, Gyarados, and Registeel

In this team, we have Ludicolo as the Lead Pokémon, a unique choice as a Water and Grass-type, capable of bringing powerful Grass-type moves to these battles. You want to have Gyarados, a powerful Water-type who can utilize Dragon-type moves as your Switch, and then Registeel as your Closer.

  • Ludicolo: Razor leaf (fast move), ice beam, and leaf storm
  • Gyarados: Dragon breath (fast move), aqua tail, and crunch
  • Registeel: Lock on (fast move), zap cannon, and focus blast

Ferrothorn, Walrein, and Azumarill

If you want to try and utilize Grass-type Pokémon, similar to Ludicolo, you also have Ferrothorn as an option. This Pokémon is a powerful Grass and Steel-type, making it an ideal Lead Pokémon. You also want to include Walrein as your Switch and Azumarill as your robust Closer.

  • Ferrothorn: Bullet seed (fast move), power whip, and thunder
  • Walrein: Powder snow (fast move), icicle spear, and earthquake
  • Azumarill: Bubble (fast move), ice beam, and hydro pump

Poliwrath (Shadow), Blastoise, and Magnezone (Shadow)

For the last time, we recommend checking out the shadow version of Poliwrath, another Pokémon capable of spamming out its abilities and can be a flexible member of your team. Backing it up, you want to use Blastoise, and the shadow version of Magnezone, one of the few Electric-types you sneak into the Fossil Cup.

  • Poliwrath (Shadow): Mud shot (fast move), dynamic punch, and ice punch
  • Blastoise: Water gun (fast move), hydro cannon, and skull bash
  • Magnezone (shadow): Spark (fast move), wild charge, and mirror shot