8 of the best funny gamertag ideas

What’s in a name?

Image via Xbox

Choosing an online handle is an age-old tradition. Whether you’re creating a Twitter account, hopping into an MMO, or getting set up with some other online service, your name is your identity. When it comes to Xbox Live, these handles are known as gamertags. Choosing the best one for you can be daunting, but if you want to go the comedic route, there are a few different lanes you can take. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully get a few chuckles out of you and your internet companions.

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It’s the weed number; it’s funny. Dropping a 420 after pretty much any other word gives it a comedic spin. Sniper420? Hope they can still aim correctly. BigMan420? Everyone wants to smoke up with the most beloved Splatoon 3 idol.

Band Names

Putting your favorite band in your gamertag not only shows off something you love but also provides an opportunity for some wordplay. Metallica becomes Metallican’t, their musically inept cousins. Hall&SekirOates tells people that you love classic 80s jams and pulling off perfect counters in FromSoftware games.


This one is very specific, but(t) hear me out. This is a real handle I once encountered online, and it remains one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. Is this person’s butt actually producing yogurt? Did they accidentally sit on a six-pack of Dannon? I’ll never know the answer, but(t) I hope this story inspires you to make your own creative gamertag.

Celebrity Names

Image via Call of Duty

Just like band titles, name-dropping a celeb gives you the chance to crack a joke or even make your opinions known. Do you think Adam Driver is handsome? Then AdamDriverIsHandsome is a great gamertag for you. Bonus points if you can do an impersonation of the person whose name you’re using.


Leetspeak (or “1337,” if you prefer) is a timeless tradition, replacing regular letters with numbers. You’ll get a kick out of watching people trying to figure out what your actual name is. Even better, this works in multiple languages with all sorts of different symbols. |-|4V3 |=[_]/V!


This is sort of a sub-category to bands, celebrities, and other famous names, but putting wordplay in your gamertag is always a goofy move. BugerKingOfTheHill is perfect for the fast-food fan who plays a lot of Halo. FinalFantasyXIVMom shows you’re a fan of both MMOs and one of MTV’s most infamous reality shows.

Xbox Sign Out

This is possibly the best online Xbox trolling that will ever be carried out. Xbox One consoles support voice commands, and one brilliant player decided to mess with that by making their gamertag “Xbox sign out.” While playing poorly in Call of Duty Ghosts, they tricked a bunch of players into yelling at them and accidentally prompted their consoles to take them offline. Thankfully, Xbox Sign Out decided to upload a video of their antics. You could have the same experience using other voice commands in your title.


We’ll close on another classic. Nowadays, putting anything between xX and Xx in a gamertag gives a sense of internet irony. Once considered cool or creative, bookending your actual name with X’s is a great way to tap into a very online form of humor. Trust us, it’s xX_funny_Xx.