The best gym leader order in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Which Gym Leaders should you challenge first?

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is taking a unique approach to the Pokémon formula. When you finish the tutorial, the game gives you the option to explore multiple unique pathways in the game, and you can choose where you want to go first. One of these paths is the more traditional one where you can select to take on the Gym Leaders. However, you can choose to battle them in any order. Is there a best Gym Leader order in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

The best Gym Leaders to battle in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Like previous Pokémon games, there are eight Gym Leaders you can battle. Each one grants you a Gym Badge, and you will need to collect all eight to finish the Victory Road Treasure Hunt objective. We have a map of every Pokémon Gym Leader you can battle in Scarlet and Violet and where to find them.

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  • Alfornada has Tulip, the Psychic-type Gym Leader
  • Artazon has Brassious, the Grass-type Gym Leader
  • Cascarrafa has Kofu, the Water-type Gym Leader
  • Cortonodo has Katy, the Bug-type Gym Leader
  • Glaseado has Grusha, the Ice-type Gym Leader
  • Levincia has Iono, the Electric-type Gym Leader
  • Medali has Larry, the Normal-type Gym Leader
  • Montenevera has Ryme, the Ghost-type Gym Leader

Of these options, Grusha and Ryme are relatively close together but far north from the starting location. You might not want to adventure up there too far, especially early in the game. You might be better off heading west from the academy to challenge Katy, the Bug-type Gym Leader. Bug-type Pokémon are usually the easier Pokémon to take down, especially if you have Fuecoco or another Fire-type in your party, or you can go against Brassious, the Grass-type leader to the far southeast of the map with Fuecoco.

These are the easier-to-reach spots at the start of the game, with Ryme, Grusha, and Iono being the furthest away. Tulip is close, but reaching her Gym will be a challenge for you without being able to swim or fly with your legendary Pokémon. However, Grusha will have the strongest Pokémon teams, with Katy and Brassius having the lowest levels. These are likely the best ones to start with you begin the game.