The best headgear in V Rising

Everyone knows vampires love fancy hats.

V Rising future

Image via Stunlock Studios

If there is one thing that players love getting their hands on, it’s a shiny new hat for their characters. In V Rising, headgear doesn’t have any mechanical effect on gameplay. Instead, it offers purely cosmetic benefits, allowing you to show off your accomplishments and skill to other players. Since they don’t impact gameplay at all, picking the best hat in the game comes down to your personal sense of style.

If you’re looking to send a message to fellow players in V Rising, picking a hat that is particularly difficult to get can tell them that you’re ready and willing to go the extra mile for the sake of style.

What is the best headgear in V Rising?

Which headgear in V Rising is going to send the right message to other vampires you run into? Most of the hats in the game can be obtained by fishing in specific locations or opening chests in regions, but some require a bit more skill to track down. Here are a few of our favorites and how to get your undead hands on them.

Undead General Helmet

Image via Stunlock Studios

Unsurprisingly, this helmet can be dropped by the undead generals that frequent the Haunted Iron Mine or Church of the Damned in Dunley Farmlands. They aren’t the most difficult of enemies, but wearing this headgear sends the message to other players that you know how to put these generals down for good.

Nightlurker Head

Image Via Stunlock Studios

To get this creepy-looking headgear, head to the Cursed Forest and track down the Revelers there. You’ll need to kill quite a few of them to earn the Nightlurker Head, as it is rarer than most other drops from this enemy, but at least other players will be jealous of your superior style.

Scarecrow Mask

Image via Stunlock Studios

This is another rare drop, this time from the Scarecrows that reside around the Dunley Farmlands on the northern parts of the map. We imagine heading into doors will be a bit of a challenge in this headgear, but no one said that fashion was without sacrifice.

Vampire Hunter Headgear

Image via Stunlock Studios

Can there be anything more intimidating than beating your mortal enemy and taking their hat for yourself? To get this piece of headgear, you need to track down Tristan the Vampire Hunter and defeat him. This is a rare drop, so expect to have to repeat the process several times before you get your hands on this hat.

Immortal King’s Greathelm

Image via Stunlock Studios

This one is different from most of the other pieces of headgear on this list. Instead of being found somewhere in the game by fishing or killing enemies, this hat can be obtained by crafting. When you purchase the Dracula’s Relic Pack DLC, you’ll get the recipe for this headgear. You’ll need four Copper Bars and four Leather to craft it.