The best held items in Pokémon Unite

What items should you pick?

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The held items in Pokémon Unite passively increase certain stats of your Pokémon during a match. When you reach trainer level 10, you’ll be able to use three held items at once, increasing different aspects of your Pokémon during the match. What options you want to use is entirely up to you and the Pokémon you choose to take with you into a match. However, there are some notably stronger ones that we highly recommend you consider grabbing, especially because you have to purchase them from the Aeros Emporium to equip them. These are the best held items in Pokémon Unite.

Aeros Cookie

The Aeros Cookie item is handy for Attacker Pokémon who find themselves on the frontline and sometimes struggle with too little health or even All-rounder Pokémon who have excellent attack potential. Each time they score a goal, their maximum health will increase, giving them a better chance to remain in the fight and survive an attack against another Pokémon.

Attack Weight

The Attack Weight is another superb item for an All-rounder or Defensive Pokémon that might not have the best attack stats or even an Attacker that you want to give even more power to during your Pokémon Unite match. The Attack Weight increases your Pokémon’s attack power each time they score a goal, and that number increases with each upgrade to the item.

Float Stone

The Float Stone is useful depending on the situation and how you plan to use the Pokémon. It’s an item that increases your movement speed while you are not in combat. If you’re struggling to go after certain objectives or want to assist your team from across the map, the Float Stone can make sure you arrive at that next location much faster.

Focus Band

The Focus Band is unique and might be useful if your Pokémon can effectively escape from dangerous situations. While this is equipped, when your Pokémon drops to too low health, they recover 8% of the health they lost for each second for three seconds. Thus, it can be useful when they take a massive amount of attack, ensuring they recovery quite a bit once they’ve successfully escaped, potentially returning to the fight.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band can be a good way to compound your Pokémon’s basic attacks against a single target. Whenever your Pokémon lands a basic attack when hitting a Pokémon, the damage increases by 1% based on the opponent’s remaining health. This can be extremely useful to take out some of the more Defensive and All-rounder Pokémon on an enemy team.

Scope Lens

For Attacker Pokémon who want to land multiple critical attacks, they need to use Scope Lens. With it, wit increases the damage of the Pokémon’s basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokémon’s overall attack, the more damage that increases by wearing the item. This is definitely for a specific niche of Pokémon in Pokémon Unite.

Sp. Atk Spec

Similar to the other goal-scoring-based items in Pokémon Unite, Sp. Atk Spec is a superb selection. Whenever your Pokémon scores a goal, their special attack power increases. If your Pokémon consistently uses their abilities and has short cooldowns, you want to be using this held item, and aim for the opponent’s goalposts to score as many points as possible.