The best heroes in Bloons TD 6

Which monkeys make your life easier?

Image via Ninja Kiwi

Bloons Tower Defense has been one of the most popular tower defense games since the series first debuted as a flash game in 2007. With each installment, new features have been added that perfectly complement the series inherent simplicity. In the latest title in the series, Ninja Kiwi added heroes to the game. Heroes are special monkeys that have unique attacks and abilities. Each hero is very powerful in some way or another, but players are only allowed to use one per game. Players need to choose wisely to be able to survive the more challenging levels and co-op play. Here is our list of the best heroes in Bloons TD 6. Each one is well worth the cost of unlocking and can save you in a pinch.


Adora is a high damage dealing hero. She fires homing bolts of sunlight that do high damage and can pop lead bloons. As she continues to level up her damage, range, and attack speed all increase to make her the bane of any bloon in range. While Adora is a great DPS hero, she is a bit expensive. She costs $5000 to unlock and is a bit more expensive to purchase that some of the other heroes. She cannot pop purple bloons right away but does earn the ability to early on as she levels up. The biggest downside to Adora is that she cannot pop camo bloons without support from another monkey or ability.


This is the best hero for new players. She cuts through lead bloons very easily and grants fire damage to all monkeys in her range after every 30 attacks. Gwendolin has a short range but a very high damage output to make up for it. She has a couple of really powerful AoE attacks that can clear an area very easily. On top of all of her other benefits Gwendolin is relatively cheap at $2500 to unlock. Her biggest weaknesses are that she cannot hit camo bloons without support and she cannot pop purple bloons until she receives an upgrade at level 16.


Benjamin is a bit more costly than other heroes but is a huge help in the late game. Benjamin does not attack bloons directly, instead he mainly helps players extend their survival time. He generates extra money and lives over time for players to use. As he levels up he gains the ability to increase the damage of other monkeys and prevent bloons from spawning children when they are popped. If you are struggling with any particular challenge, Benjamin can make it a lot easier in the later stages and should be purchased early on. He only costs $3000 to unlock.

Admiral Brickell

Admiral Brickell is a water-based hero that is easily underestimated. Like most heroes, she has two different attacks. Her revolver attack generally deals low damage per shot even when fully leveled. What really makes Brickell shine is her mine attacks. Every two seconds she dispenses a mine into the water nearby. These mines last for two rounds and will home in on any bloon that comes within their range. This hero makes more difficult aquatic levels a cinch. She costs $5000 to unlock.

Pat Fusty

Pat Fusty is the only melee hero currently available and is well worth the $3,000 unlock cost. pat can be placed on land or in water and is relatively cheap when compared to some of the other heroes available. Pat uses slam attacks to crush bloons. He can crush lead bloons and as he levels up he can stun and to a ton of damage to MOABs. He is an excellent all-around choice for all player types and skill levels. The only downside is that he cannot attack camo bloons without support and as a melee hero he has a relatively low range.