Best towers in Bloons TD 6

Go ape with your towers. There are more monkey puns available.

Image via Ninja Kiwi

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is still going strong after a couple of years, and there’s no better time to jump into the addictive game. Learning which towers to on your map is a rewarding experience that will keep you invested for potentially hundreds of hours, and we’ll show you the best options for towers in BTD6.

Wizard Monkey

The Wizard Monkey is a fantastic choice for your early progression. It only costs $550, and it’s something you can easily purchase before you acquire a significant amount of Monkey Knowledge. You’ll get some great use out of the camo detection, and you can upgrade this unit to 5/0/0 through a magic monkey, increasing our ranged damage by quite a bit.


Don’t sleep on the Alchemist. Even when you have other towers already in play, use an Alchemist and boost it to 4/0/0. You’ll be amazed that you only spent $550 on a reliable tower like this one, and it will keep the other towers standing upright with a wide range and a significant boost to their attack speed.

Sniper Monkey

If you need to see across the entire map, the Sniper Monkey is your new best (pri)mate. It has unlimited range, so anyone who happens to sneak through your defenses is still at the mercy of this guy. They’re only able to target one unit at a time, but at a bargain like $330, and with the rest of your towers in place, this is all you’ll need.

Banana Farm

Invest in yourself with the Banana Farm, which has the potential to give you tens of thousands of dollars in a short time. It’s a bit pricey at first ($1250 per unit), but you’ll end up cashing in a ton of profit before you know what to do with all of it. You can buy more Banana Farms, spreading your investments all over your map, or you can cash in and splurge on some higher-end towers.

Super Monkey

Didn’t we just talk about splurging? This is your reward for playing your cards right. The Super Monkey is the gold standard of towers in Bloons TD 6, weighing in at a hefty $2500, but he’s part of a holy grail. If you put the Super Monkey with a 4/0/0 Alchemist and a 0/2/3 Monkey Village at the center of your map, you’re almost invincible. Of course, it will take a while to get to that level, so take advantage of a money vacuum-like Benjamin as your hero.