The 10 best Hollow Knight fanart

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Image via Team Cherry

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Among modern Metroidvania games, Hollow Knight stands out as one of the most cherished indie entries due to its excellent gameplay, story, characters, art, and music. It is a wonderful gem of a game that players love returning to and re-experiencing. The community of Hollow Knight players has produced some amazing pieces of art celebrating the game over the years. And with the new game, Silksong, on the horizon, it’s a great time to revisit some of the best fan artwork for Hollow Knight.

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Best Hollow Knight fanart — Our top 10 picks

Artist: Ahmed Maihope

Image by Ahmed Maihope

This take on Ghost is a detailed character study and concept art, reimagining him as an exoskeletal knight with much more detail than shown in the game.

Artist: Ari Ibarra

Image by Ari Ibarra

We could easily see a painting like this hung on a wall. It depicts Silk front and center with brush strokes, aking to modern expressionist art.

Artist: Cristian Bolivar

Image by Cristian Bolivar

Ghost is rendered in 3D, but we love the textures and dramatic lighting that really seem to capture the character in a new light, along with the warmth that’s not usually seen in the game.

Artist: Florian Benedikt

Image by Florian Benedikt

The composition and posing of the characters look almost like a panel straight out of a comic book. One can wish.

Artist: Giulio Sciaccaluga

Image by Giulio Sciacculaga

A serene scene from Greenways, with Ghost and Silk taking a moment to rest. It depicts a softer, almost melancholic side of Hollow Knight’s world.

Artist: Louis-Philippe Desjardins

Image by Louis Philippe Desjardins

If you didn’t look for clues, you might not have been able to notice that this artwork is actually a 3D render, with Ghost unaware of the danger behind him.

Artist: Marco Plouffe

Image by Marco Plouffe

This amazing 3D render of Ghost represents a terrifying reimagining of the character. Terrifying, or rather cool. Or both.

Artist: Thibaud Pourplanche

Image by Thibaud Pourplanche

This is fanart of Ghost and Cornifer taking a moment to update the map of the underworld in a rare moment of respite.

Artist: Torunn Skaar Bruset

Image by Torunn Skaar Bruset

This fanart was done as part of a Halloween celebration, representing Hollow Knight characters in a more grim and scary image.

Artist: Vanka Salim

Image by Vanka Salim

A classic piece of Hollow Knight fanart, with great composition and lighting, and Ghost front and center.