The best Katsuki Bakugo attack combos in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Quirk: Explosion.

Image via Sony Pictures

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the several heroes you can use in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. His quirk, Explosion, makes him a powerful adversary to face off against, and he has some of the most ruthless attacks and combos you can use in the mobile game. Mastering Bakugo can turn you into an efficient combatant, making him useful in PvE and PvP encounters. Using the correct combos can make it difficult for your foes to land a hit against him or escape his fury.

Katsuki Bakugo attack combos

Basic combos

The basic combo Bakugo can hit with his basic attack can land up to five strikes. When you’re attacking with Bakugo, you want to land that five-hit combo to start any encounter. Following the five hits, you can then use his Q ability, Burst Bullet, to release a massive explosion. Burst Bullet can land up to five times in a row, and the damage increases after the third attack. You want to make sure you land as many of these as you feel you can before your enemy escapes. It’s better to land Bakugo’s Burst Bullet attacks five times in a row than lead into another attack combo.

Alternatively, another basic combo you can use is hitting Bakugo’s W ability, Burning Fist. It’s an attack where Bakugo charges forward, propelling them into the air, making them ripe for you to follow it up with his E ability, Torpedo Burst, or a five-hit basic attack combo. You can also choose to use Torpedo Burst and then a five-hit basic attack combo. Both starting attacks are valid approaches when using Bakugo.

Advanced combos

These are more advanced attack combos that you can use on Bakugo when you feel more comfortable with the character. We highly recommend you use these attacks when battling against other players. A majority of the players you fight against will know how to use the character you’re using, meaning your attacks are easier to predict.

A solid advanced attack combination you can use is starting a fight with Bakugo’s five-hit basic attack. From there, you want to use Burning Fist to launch them into the air, followed by Torpedo Burst to hit them while in the air, and then land on them when they fall to the ground. From there, you should have enough time to launch Burst Bullet, and potentially land the hit multiple times before a hero can recover.

Another combo you can try pulling off involves using Bakugo’s passive, Explosive Torpedo, increasing his movement speed for a short time. You can use this to close the distance between you and your opponent, and when you’re close enough, use Torpedo Burst. If you run up close enough to them, you’ll be able to launch them into the air as if you were giving them an uppercut and then drop down on them. When you drop down, use Burst Bullet five times, and rush them again to use Burning Fist, sending them into the air and ready for a five-hit basic combo. Burst Bullet usually comes up again, giving you another five attack combo to use against an enemy.

Bakugo can do some incredible damage, and optimizing his passive, Explosive Torpedo to close the distance and charge an enemy makes him hard to play and even more difficult to escape. His close range attacks make it a little easy to dodge for opponents, but with a little practice and using Torpedo Burst or Burning Fist before Burst Bullet, he’s hard to counter.