The best loadouts in Escape from Tarkov

Here’s a nudge in the right direction.

Escape From Tarkov

Given the overwhelming number of guns, ammo, armor, and attachments, it can fry your brain coming up with the best loadout in Escape from Tarkov. In some cases, all it takes is altering an attachment or two, and you’ve created an entirely new playstyle. One fact is certain: creating loadouts can be expensive. We’ll stick to endgame builds considering early on you’re primarily working with what you can afford.

It’s worth mentioning that you’re more than welcome to make your own mark on these builds—especially if you’ve stashed gear away. It’s sometimes far more effective to use these loadouts as templates and swap in gear you prefer—grenades, meds, backpacks. It makes it unique to your playstyle and cost-efficient.

For going in solo

When you’re running solo, the VSS Vintorez is going to be your new best friend. You’ll have to provide both sides of the conversation, however. While it’s technically classified as a sniper rifle, it acts like an automatic and does suffer a bit at longer range. In those cases, you’d have to baby the bullet drop to land enough shots. Stick with close to medium range combat.

Complementing the VSS’ high fire rate are 9×39 mm SP-5 bullets. It’ll have no problem chewing through armor and flesh alike. For your sight, the OKP-7 will do just fine, but if you prefer a different sight, use a B13 mount. And if you’re feeling cocky, a magnified scope isn’t a bad choice. Complete the VSS with SR310M 30-round magazine.

For gear, the ANA Tactical M1 armored rig is ideal. It’s a jack-of-all-trades by providing class four armor, big pouches, and plenty of protection to the chest and stomach without mobility taking a hit. Fit a MICH TC-2001 helmet on your noggin and complete your headgear with a Sordin headset. You’re welcome to switch out the headset based on preference.

To finish off this loadout, bring along meds and grenades. There’s plenty of wiggle room for different playstyles and preferred items. Place said items in a 6SH-118 backpack if you’re looking to pick up loot or a Camelback Tri-Zip if money is of no concern.

The Mosin family

The Mosin loadout relies largely on its namesake, the Mosin sniper rifle. For many, wielding a bolt-action is an acquired taste. The Mosin can be a powerful ally if you choose to train your tastebuds, especially if you land the first shot. One of the best aspects of the Mosin is its tendency to transcend levels, with a low-level version—the infantry rifle—accessible during early game and its deadlier variation with a scope bought from Praper LL1 (or the market).

To complete the Mosin, you need three items: the Kochetov mount, PU 3.5x ring, and PU 3.5x scope. Any round from the 7.62×54 family is perfectly viable. Purchase what works for your budget.

The gear you’re running is on the heavier side. Since you’re focused on sniping, defense is essential if someone manages to sneak up on you. For a helmet, you can’t go wrong with an SSh-68. Suit up with the 6B23-1 body armor, offering protection against firearms, shell fragments, mines, grenades, and cold weapons. Finish up with a SOE Micro Rig and your preferred meds.

For new players

If you’re still relatively new, but got some rubles to burn, there’s a great loadout that incorporates the M1 Rig, a SSh-68 helmet (1968 steel helmet), and AK-74N. For ammo, use 90x BS+7n39, and that includes an ammo pouch and mags. For equipment, toss on a Scav Backpack, a GSSh-01 Headset, painkillers, and car medkit. Additionally, two grenades and a laser can be added to the mix, provided you have rubles to spare or trade.

There are a few alternatives if you’re dead set on penny-pinching. You can swap out the body armor for the Armored Rig 6b5-15 (it’s usually cheaper) or drop armor altogether since it matters very little in early play. The Untar helmet is a solid alternative to the SSh-68, which can be bought for near half the price or traded for two fragmentation glasses. Regardless of your choice of equipment, what you get in return is an all-around solid loadout that relies on versatility.

Channel your inner weasel

The biggest downside in Escape From Tarkov is the possibility of losing what you have. You’ll probably toss your keyboard out the window when you’ve spent thousands of rubles on gear and hours developing a build, only to have someone pick you off, and it’s gone. What this loadout aims to provide is the biggest reward, but the most minimal of risks.

You only need one or two items: a melee weapon and a vest. Don’t have a vest? Don’t worry about it. The purpose of this build is to gather as much loot as you can and stash it in your Safe Container, avoiding combat along the way. In doing so, you’ll keep the gear even when you die. In other words: be the biggest weasel you can be.