The best Minecraft merch for fans of all ages

Show your love for Minecraft with these toys, games, collectables and accessories.

Perler sheep 3D

It’s one thing to like a game. It’s another thing to be a fan. And if you’re a fan, you probably want to own more than just the game. In the case of Minecraft, there is so much merch to choose from. But how do you sort through the stuff that doesn’t give you the best bang for your buck?

Don’t waste your diamond pickaxe on coal. Here are 10 of the best Minecraft-inspired items out there.

3D Perler Minecraft Sheep

Perler sheep 3D

These fanmade 3D Perler sheep are absolutely spot on. You can order them in 15 different colors, reflecting most of the sheep in the game. The only one missing is cyan. They could be a fun toy for kids or a great stackable display for a collector.

Minecraft Bee Garden Girls Tee

Minecraft Bee shirt

This shirt only comes in youth sizes but was too adorable not to include in the list. Grab it in that Youth XL, cut it up and make it work. C’mon, it’s the Minecraft bees, on a shirt. Who wouldn’t want to wear this? We demand adult sizes!

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes board game

Minecraft board game

While it’s not the greatest board game ever made, for a promotional game, it’s pretty funny. Take it out at any board game night, and the crew will probably enjoy it. It’s not very difficult, however, as it’s geared towards kids and teen audiences, but anyone can play.

Minecraft Card Wallet

Minecraft wallet

This fanmade card wallet is the perfect accessory if you love Minecraft. It also comes in two different varieties. While only the creeper-themed wallet is showcased, there is also an enderman-themed option. Perfect for a kid’s first wallet, but trendy enough to suit an adult as well.

Minecraft Creeper Web Belt

Creeper belt

Always be in style with this cool green creeper themed belt. It’s recognizable enough that people into Minecraft will get it, but generic enough that you can wear it with an everyday outfit and not have it seem too over the top.

Minecraft Happy Explorer Pillager Plush

Pillager plush

Maybe in-game, you have to stay away from these guys, but with this soft, adorable Pillager plush, the only thing you’ll want to do is give the little dude a hug. The attention to detail is great. It looks just like the character from the game… and maybe has us rethinking all the pillagers we’ve slain…

Minecraft Lego: The Panda Nursery

Minecraft LEGO

Minecraft and Lego are both about building, and putting them together just seems right. This set comes with bamboo stalks, an Alex figurine, two pandas, a little jungle temple, and an ocelot, along with some accessories, like a cake and a fish.

Minecraft Diamond Steve Vinyl

Steve vinyl

This vinyl steve is sitting on one of our writer’s bookshelves right now. It’s a perfect collector’s item for any bookshelf, office desk, or mantle. The figure is too cute, and the diamond helmet and sword are both optional and removable.

One dozen Minecraft cookies

Minecraft cookies

These adorable homemade custom Minecraft cookies are almost too cute to eat. Featuring Steve, TNT, pigs, and the famous Creeper, they come in three different flavors: Sugar, vanilla almond, and lemon. Perfect for a party, or to just ‘pig’ out on at home. Pun intended.

UNO Minecraft Card Game

Minecraft UNO

UNO is a classic card game, but now you can play it with a Minecraft twist. Every card as a Minecraft-themed character or picture on it. Some of them are peaceful mobs like mooshrooms, while others are hostile mobs like endermen.