The best mods for Sims 4

Take your Sims 4 experience to the next level with additional mods to enhance your experience

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The Sims 4 gives you the chance to control a household to your exact liking. You can start with a small family, or have a home full of roommates struggling to make it in the world. How you approach the game is up to you, and because it’s a single-player experience you can tweak the gameplay to include mods. These mods can bring in some new aspects to graphics, new models, character choices, career choices, and so much more. These are some of the best mods to add to your Sims 4 experience.

The Explore mod

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Image via KawaiiStaciemods

There’s more to your Sims world than what you can see them doing. The Explore mod created by KawaiiStacie allows your Sims to go beyond their typical neighborhood to visit a world you did not know existed. You can have your Sim running off to do things with you needing to micromanage their actions, and you won’t see them until they’re finished. Many of these activities give them a buff for some time, so they’re worthwhile to do.

For those who only have the base game, the mod does work with it exceptionally well, but a handful of options do require select expansions, which KawaiiStacie details on their mod page. The mod also adds a new trait called gambler, where your Sim can add a card table to home to bet money against others. They won’t lose money unless they do it outside of their house, so double-down on some cheeky bluffs and hope for the best.

Have Some Personality Please! mod

Do you feel limited in how your Sim can react by the more generic choices? Give them the chance to show off their true nature with this personalized mod better. The Have Some Personality Please! mod comes from PolarBearSims, allowing you to see a Sim act more closely to the traits they have. If your Sim has a more comical nature, they’re going to want to make others around them laugh and make a fool out of themselves. If you have an angrier Sim, you might see them yelling and screaming at others, rather than casually speaking to them about the weather or learning about their day. You can give your Sims a wider variety of emotions beyond the standard ones available in Sims 4. 

Meaningful Stories mod

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Image via roBurky

How your Sim reacts to everything around them determines their actions throughout the day. The Meaningful Stories mod by roBurky creates a new emotions system and moods, making a more in-depth experience for your Sim to have more profound ramifications to what happens to your Sim. Your Sim may experience special events during their lifetime they wouldn’t have experienced without this mod, such as feeling truly happy for sharing the first kiss with a new love interest.

They could find themselves driven into a depression, and they need the support of their friends and family to assist them out it. With the Meaningful Stories mod, the more emotions and events your Sim experiences will have lasting effects on them that day several in-game days to deal with, rather than having a quick turnaround time. It makes special moments more lasting.

MC Command Center mod

Do you want to control nearly every aspect of the game, down to the NPCs who your Sims hang out with regularly? You can do it with the MC Command Center mod by Deaderpool. The mod gives you the ability to control tiny details throughout the game where you can prevent specific pieces of clothing from showing up or even dictate how NPCs act and modify them. You don’t have to download the full thing. You can pick and choose what parts of the mod you want to grab, such as controlling the aspects of your Sim’s career, cleaning up the game’s annoying NPCs, how pregnancy works, and many more. For those who enjoy micromanaging nearly every part of their games, this is a great mod.

Careers mod(s)

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Image via mental-hygiene (Rocket Scientist Career)

Unlike the others, this is not a mod but a page full of potential mods you can add to your game. On this page, you can pick from a variety of different careers to add to your Sims 4 game. You can add a career in animal care, being a mortician, a rocket scientist, mage, zookeeper, and so much more. There are mods being added to the page every so often, which means if you find a few you like you should check back on the page to see if anything new comes through from the members of the community. Make sure to read about the mod on the page before adding it to your game to learn how everything changes.