The best moveset for Hisuian Electrode in Pokémon Go

What moves should you teach Hisuian Electrode?

Image via Niantic

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All of the Pokémon in Pokémon Go has a variety of attacks available to them that they can use in battle. Hisuian Electrode will have several modes it can use, and they will be different than the standard Electrode. In this guide, we’re going to detail the best moveset to give Hisuian Electrode in Pokémon Go to make it a worthwhile selection for your Pokémon roster.

Hisuian Electrode is a Grass and Electric-type Pokémon. It is weak against Bug, Fire, Ice, and Poison-type moves, but it is resistant against Electric, Grass, Steel, and Water-type attacks. You can expect to use it against a handful of Flying-types and Water-types, but it’s weaker against all the other typical choices used in the Battle League, such as Walrein.

These are all of the moves Hisuian Electrode can learn.

Fast moves

  • Tackle (Normal-type) – 3 damage and 2 energy per turn (3 damage per turn) – 1 turn
  • Thunder Shock (Electric-type) – 3 damage and 4.5 energy per turn (1.5 damage per turn) – 2 turns

Charged moves

  • Energy Ball (Grass-type) – 90 damage and 55 energy (10% chance to lower opponent’s defenses by one rank)
  • Swift (Normal-type) – 60 damage and 55 energy
  • Wild Charge (Electric-type) – 100 damage and 45 energy (100% chance to lower user’s defenses by two ranks)

When it comes to picking Hisuian Electrode’s fast move, you’ll always want to go with thunder shock. It’s a superior move to tackle as it provides far more energy, and it has a typing that can focus against Flying and Water-types, making it far more useful than a Normal-type move.

Next, we highly recommend going with energy ball and wild charge for the charged moves. These are the best options for Hisuian Electrode to make the most of its Electric and Grass-typing. By making sure you give it thunder shock, you can expect to use these moves often, but energy ball is far superior to the two choices because of the debuff wild charge provides.

The best moveset for Hisuian Electrode to use is the fast move thunder shock and the charged moves energy ball and wild charge.