The best path for finding Dragon Pinatas in Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash

Gotta bash ’em all!

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The Dragon Bash festival in Guild Wars 2, is in full swing. This festival celebrating the downfall of the Undead Dragon Zhaitan has a lot of different activities for players to enjoy. These range from hitting holographic minions of the Dragons, to running races. Participating in these activities will earn you the currency of the festival, Zhaitaffy, which can be converted into Jorbreakers for some great rewards and weapons. One of the main activities is smacking the Dragon Pinatas that are scattered around the map of Hoelbrak, and hitting them will also count towards the completion of the Paper Dragon achievement. This guide will give you a rough path that you can follow to find the majority of the Dragon Pinatas across Hoelbrak.

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What do Dragon Pinatas look like in Guild Wars 2?

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The Dragon Pinatas are suspended from an upside-down L-shaped wooden structure. They’re small enough that you can hit them from ground level. Hitting them means you’ll need to interact with them, bound by default to the “F” key. Once they’re destroyed they’ll explode into cute confetti paper dragons and drop Zhaitaffy.

Where to start hunting Dragon Pinatas in Hoelbrak

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The simplest route is to start at one of the entrances to the Norn city. Either from the Southern, or Eastern Watchpost Waypoints on the map or from Peeta’s Waypoint, which is the entrance from the Lion’s Arch Asura Gate. Wherever you choose to start from, the idea remains the same to make a circuit of the map and finish back where you started.

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Beginning from your Waypoint of choice, follow the path as you see fit. The simplest is to follow the roads. Also remember to make sure that under your settings you have the following settings enabled by following this path in the menu: Options: General Options: Show All Useable Object Names. This will highlight any interactable items in a bright yellow making it much easier to see the Dragon Pinatas from a distance. It will also help you find the Fireworks needed for another achievement.

When you reach the city center, where the majority of the merchants are, you’ll want to head out the opposite way from which you entered. Remember, there are multiple levels in Hoelbrak, and you’ll want to head to the top of the Trade Commons, as well as on the paths below them. Also make sure to burn any Dragon Effigys you may spot in the city, and set off the Fireworks as it will help you build progress to completing other achievements.