The best Plunder Pass rewards in Sea of Thieves Season Six

There’s treasure on these waters.

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A new Plunder Pass in Sea of Thieves means a bunch of new cosmetics and various rewards for your pirate to deck themselves out in the latest exclusive items. If you purchase the latest Plunder Pass (read: battle pass) for 999 Ancient Coins, you will have the chance to earn both premium and free tier rewards by leveling up your account 100 times. This all comes alongside the influx of new Sea Forts to the game. Here are some of the best items you can get from the Season 6 Plunder Pass.

The following items are all acquired from purchasing the premium Season 6 Plunder Pass and then leveling up your account to the proper value. Once unlocked, you can find the items in the corresponding chests (i.e. vanity, clothing, equipment, weapon, or ship chests) and equip them there. These items are available until the season’s end around June, at which point the pass will expire.

Spring Blossom Capstan (Level 13)

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Spring Blossom Hull (Level 20)

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Spring Blossom Wheel (Level 23)

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Spring Blossom Figurehead (Level 40)

Forest’s Blessing Costume 2 (Level 50)

Spring Blossom Cannons (Level 60)

Collector’s Spring Blossom Figurehead (Level 80)

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Forest’s Blessing Costume 3 (Level 90)

Collector’s Spring Blossom Sails (Level 100)

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Stranger’s Cutlass (Level 100, must be Pirate Legend)