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The best Pokémon teams for the Element Cup in Pokémon Go – May 2022

Bring your best Fire, Water, or Grass-type Pokémon.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

The Element Cup returns to Pokémon Go for a limited time. You’ll have the chance to select a team of Pokémon to use in this category to fight against multiple trainers, earning rewards for your victory and participation. You want to make sure you create an ideal team before venturing into this competition. These are some of the best Pokémon teams you can use in the Element Cup for Pokémon Go.

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You are limited to using Fire, Grass, and Water-type Pokémon, and none of them can have a higher CP than 500.

The best Pokémon teams for the Element Cup

Salandit, Fomantis, and Seel

One of the better teams you can use features Salandit, the Fire and Poison-type Pokémon. While this Pokémon is rare to acquire, using it in the Element Cup is a good way to upset the competition. You’ll want to pair it with Fomantis as your Closer, and then have Seel in the Switch position. All of these Pokémon protect against another’s core weaknesses, forcing your opponent to swap around their choices whenever they can.

  • Salandit: Poison jab (fast move), poison fang, and flamethrower
  • Fomantis: Fury cutter (fast move), leaf blade, and grass knot
  • Seel: Ice shard (fast move), aqua tail, and icy wind

Ducklett, Exeggcute, and Slugma

Another amazing choice for the Element will be Ducklett, the Water and Flying-type Pokémon. Even if you don’t want to use this particular team, consider using Ducklett in your line-up in some fashion for the Element Cup. It’s going to be an extremely popular pick, and it has little competition. We’ve teamed it up alongside Exeggcute and Slugma.

  • Ducklett: Wing attack (fast move), aerial ace, and brave bird
  • Exeggcute: Confusion (fast move), seed bomb, and ancient power
  • Slugma: Rock throw (fast move), rock slide, and flame charge

Chikorita, Chinchou, and Lileep

Our next choice features Chikorita as the Lead Pokémon. Chikorita is a suitable Pokémon to use against any Water-type Pokémon you encounter, but it is susceptible to any Fire-type it encounters. To protect against it, we recommend using Chinchou and Lileep.

  • Chikorita: Vine whip (fast move), body slam, and grass knot
  • Chinchou: Spark (fast move), thunderbolt, and bubble beam
  • Lileep: Bullet seed (fast move), grass knot, and ancient power

Poliwag (shadow), Cottonee, and Growlithe

If you’d prefer to have a spicy start to your battle, the shadow version of Poliwag can dish out some great damage that can quickly surprise your opponent. You’ll want to give it plenty of back-ups, and we’d recommend Cottonee as the Switch option, with Growlithe holding down the line as the Closer Pokémon in your roster.

  • Poliwag (shadow): Mud shot (fast move), body slam, and mud bomb
  • Cottonee: Charm (fast move), grass knot, seed bomb
  • Growlithe: Ember (fast move), body slam, and flamethrower

Lotad, Chespin, and Tepig

For our final team, we recommend using Lotad as the Lead Pokémon. Lotad can shine with its powerful fast move attacks and robust charged attacks. You can swap it out for Chespin or Tepig to help it out during these encounters if it gets into trouble. Chespin has several quick-fire attacks that can pressure an opponent, and Tepig’s stat boost can help it charge into victory.

  • Lotad: Razor leaf (fast move), bubblebeam, and energy ball
  • Chespin: Vine whip (fast move), body slam, and seed bomb
  • Tepig: Ember (fast move), body slam, and flame charge

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