The best Pokémon teams for the Element Cup in Pokémon Go – June 2021

Bring your best Fire, Water, or Grass-type Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Picking a team can be difficult when entering a Pokémon Go PvP competition, especially for the speciality cups where the rules change from the traditional battles. For the Element Cup, players are only allowed to use Pokémon that are a Fire, Grass, or a Water-type. A Flying and Water-type hybrid is completely acceptable. None of the Pokémon you choose to have on your team can exceed 500 CP, which limits your choices even more.

The Element Cup competition will be happening alongside the Master League and Master League Classic competitions, from June 28 to July 12. These are the best teams you can choose to use during the Element Cup that we highly recommend players pick.

The best Pokémon teams for the Element Cup

Ducklett, Exeggcute, and Bulbasaur

Our first choice consists of a Pokémon every trainer will be using in the Element Cup, Ducklett. Even if you don’t want to use this particular team, consider using Ducklett in your line-up in some fashion for the Element Cup. It’s going to be an extremely popular and powerful pick, and it has little competition. We’ve teamed it up alongside Exeggcute, and Bulbasaur, creating a suitable team for you to use.

  • Ducklett: Wing attack (fast move), aerial ace, and brave bird
  • Exeggcute: Confusion (fast move), seed bomb, and ancient power
  • Bulbasaur: Vine whip (fast move), seed bomb, and sludge bomb

Vulpix (shadow), Lotad, and Slowpoke

Vulpix as a shadow Pokémon will another popular choice. It will be a suitable Pokémon that fits great as a Lead choice, and you can have the hybrid Grass and Water-type Lotad backing it up, making it a difficult Pokémon to defeat. It won’t do too well against Ducklett, but Slowpoke can battle against some other choices that might give Lotad trouble. Slowpoke is a solid Closer Pokémon choice.

  • Vulpix (shadow): Quick attack (fast move), weather ball (Fire-type), and body slam
  • Lotad: Razor leaf (fast move), energy ball, and bubble beam
  • Slowpoke: Confusion (fast move), psyshock, and psychic

Chikorita, Tentacool, and Chinchou

For those who prefer to start a battle with a Grass-type, Chikorita is an extremely powerful starting option. It has a great fast move that you can spam to charge up its charged moves, likely taking down the first Pokémon it faces off against. However, it is vulnerable to any Fire or Flying-type attacks. You want to pair it up with Tenatcool and Chinchou. Of the two choices, Tentacool is a better Switch option,and Chinchou can be the final choice in your roster.

  • Chikorita: Vine whip (fast move), body slam, and grass knot
  • Tentacool: Poison sting (fast move), wrap, and bubble beam
  • Chinchou: Spark (fast move), thunderbolt, and bubble beam

Poliwag (shadow), Cottonee, and Growlithe

If you’d prefer to have a spicy start to your battle, the shadow version of Poliwag can dish out some great damage that can quickly surprise your opponent. You’ll want to give it plenty of back up, and we’d recommend Cottonee as the Switch option with Growlithe holding down the line as the Closer Pokémon in your roster.

  • Poliwag (shadow): Mud shot (fast move), body slam, and mud bomb
  • Cottonee: Charm (fast move), grass knot, seed bomb
  • Growlithe: Ember (fast move), body slam, and flamethrower

Tepig, Budew, and Wooper (shadow)

The final team we’re going to recommend for you to use features Tepig as the lead Pokémon. Tepig is a suitable Pokémon that is similar to Growlithe, but has flame charge on its side, giving it even more damage for a charged move. For a Switch Pokémon, Budew is a considerably good choice that you can use to catch your opponent with a powerful fast move. The final Pokémon for your team should be the shadow version of Wooper. It’s a Pokémon with quite a bit of health, and the boost of attack power makes it even more difficult to defeat.

  • Tepig: Ember (fast move), body slam, and flame charge
  • Budew: Razor leaf (fast move), grass knot, and energy ball
  • Wooper (shadow): Mud shot (fast move), body slam, and mud bomb