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The best Splatoon 3 Deep Cut fanart — Best Shiver, Fry, and Big Man art

Everybody loves idols!

Squid Sisters Callie and Marie have been two of the main faces of Splatoon and its sequel, but Splatoon 3 is introducing a new idol trio. Deep Cut features Shiver, Fry, and their manta ray friend Big Man. The internet is loving the new group — and Big Man in particular. Where there’s internet love, there’s fanart. We’ve compiled a list of the best examples right here.

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Let’s start with some group shots. @kouwelm drew the whole gang with some beautiful shading, and they followed up with a no-shade version too.

@RamenNamenn drew the group with some slightly different poses than our previous pick. The style here really evokes the splashy ink that Splatoon is known for.

Instead of trying to match the in-game look, @fairysquid went an adorable way with chibi versions of the idols. This is probably the only way Shiver and Fry can have the same height as Big Man.

@Gavriil_MB1 also took the trio in a very different stylistic direction — a sassy one. Splatoon has some level of attitude, but we don’t expect the idols will flip the bird or moon us in the real game.

Most of the fanart in this list shows the gang standing separately, but @zombvibes_ brought them all together in a group hug. Big Man is definitely ‘big’ enough to hold his pals high.

Before we put Big Man in the spotlight, let’s give Shiver and Fry a chance to shine. @NemugonArt focused on the two of them while keeping the manta man in the background.

The rest of this list is purely Big Man fanart — he’s the clear favorite. @pillowdinos showed her appreciation by dubbing him “the biggest man” of all.

@GeorgeZero remembered that many athletes have been labeled “big men” in the past. The result is Big Man with a basketball in hand. We’re willing to bet he can totally dunk.

@bdkmv49653 riffed on an old internet joke with their drawing. Big Man has certainly been getting a lot of love ever since he debuted.

Finally, @starsquish wraps up our fanart list with a simple question. The answer is yes, by the way. We would absolutely give Big Man a big hug.

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