The best starting map location in Legend of Mana

You have to be precise.

Image via Square Enix

You have a full world to pick from when starting your Legend of Mana journey. However, the game does not tell you that the tiles that will open up the world and advance your journey in the Legend of Mana have to be put in a particular order and location. If they are not, they cannot complement each other, which means you’ll be unable to unlock all of the events and shops available to you. So, before you can worry about the proper artifact location, you need to consider the best starting location to fit them all next to each other.

From what we’ve gathered, this is the best map placement you can start with to fit all of the artifacts you’ll receive, and unlock all of the events available in Legend of Mana.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find this location on the northeast portion of the map. Again, you want to make sure you set the border so you have one water location on the right side of the map, and another on the upper left, just below the highest corner.

Out of the many choices you can pick in Legend of Mana, this is the best location to set down and begin your journey. After choosing this location, you need to confirm it and then choose where to select your mailbox, which will be your home. Much like the starting location, there’s a set location for this, but you have a few more choices based on the type of game you want to play. We highly recommend going with this location because it is the easier choice, and you still obtain the most events from it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You want to place your mailbox on the second row, third column. From here, you can form the rest of the artifacts around your home, and receive the most mana from their placement, but the placement needs to be precise and in a certain order.