The best SWS-10 loadout in Battlefield 2042

Scoped and dropped.

Image via EA

The SWS-10 is a good sniper rifle in Battlefield 2042 that you can make even better with the correct attachments. For a majority of your battles with this weapon, you’ll be trying to stay as far away from the enemy as possible, which means you want to use attachments that give you some excellent long-range advantages and make your accuracy spot-on.

Using the attachments displayed below, these are all of the stats you can reach with the SWS-10.

  • Firepower – 85
  • Accuracy – 77
  • Range – 79
  • Handling – 30
Screenshot by Gamepur

When selecting the type of barrel, the 6KU Suppressor is hard to beat as it will hide your presence on the minimap after you’ve fired and masks the sound. While it does lower your overall firepower and accuracy compared to the Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake, making sure you’re not caught by the enemy is well worth the exchange. You can make up for that loss in accuracy with the Cobra Grip.

When picking the type of scope you want, that comes down to playstyle. You have the M11 6X and the Raven 4X. We went with the M11 6X, leaning into the long-range gunplay of the SWS-10, but if you prefer getting a little closer, the Raven 4X works fine and increases your handling with the weapon by a hair. There’s no need to change from the standard-issue magazine as the alternative didn’t offer anything beneficial.

The ammunition crate is a good choice for gadgets, especially if you’re planning to be by yourself and snipe enemy players from afar. Casper is the go-to choice for what Specialist to use with this weapon, but Mackay also works if you want to use his grappling hook to reach hard-to-find locations on the map.