The best tools in Hunt: Showdown

When you need to think on your feet and get out of a sticky situation in Hunt: Showdown you want to use the best tools possible.

Image via Crytek

Weapons are your bread and butter in Hunt: Showdown. They help you take down any NPC you encounter, the big boss you’re hunting in the game, and they’re how you fight other player hunters you meet in the game. When you’re in a sticky situation, or you need something that goes beyond doing damage, you need to rely on your tools. You can only take a handful of them with you into the game, and there is a limited amount of them available. Here are some of the best choices you can bring with you to give you the edge against your opponents.

First Aid Kit

Without a doubt, you want to make sure you take a First Aid Kit with you into a match. If you don’t, you have to rely on encountering one randomly somewhere on the map. There are a handful of them scattered everywhere, and they’re great to find if you need a quick patch. But if you solely rely on those, you might end up with only a bar of health left, trying to outrun enemies who are running over to your position. Additionally, these are great because you can use them on a partner if they get hurt. If the two of you have a first aid kit, everything should pan out well if one of you, unfortunately, take some damage.

Knife or Heavy Knife

A standout weapon to have your toolkit is a knife of a heavy knife. Either of these choices is great when handling the run-of-the-mill zombies you frequently encounter while roaming around Hunt: Showdown. While they are numerous, a good, solid stab to the head takes care of them, and it won’t use up too much of your stamina like a heavier melee attack from your larger weapons can do. Not only do you save stamina, but it cuts down on noise, making you a silent hunter as you cross the map in search of your real prey. 

Flare Pistol

The flare pistol is a unique option and is something you want to use in specific circumstances, not making it a widely used item. For example, you can use the flare pistol to light particular flammable items in the world on fire and cause explosions. Those are great if you want to sneak up on a significant opponent or a pair of hunters and give them a rude surprise, but it makes a lot of noise. Additionally, if you’re on a dark map, you can use it to light up an area so you can see what’s ahead of you without giving away your position. When you bring this weapon with you, make sure you know about the time of day of the map you’re about to embark on and consider how you best should use it.

Blank Fire Decoys

You have a variety of ways to use blank fire decoys during a game. More traditionally, you want to use it against a pair of hunters you wish to sneak up on or are planning to steal the bounty from them. Alternatively, you can also use it to lure NPCs away from a position and sneak by them, but it’s not ideal. You have better ways to sneak around them, or merely blasting right though them to your goal. These decoys are better options to use against players because it makes them look in a specific direction, giving you the chance to bypass their focused perspective. By using these blanks wisely, you can cause a significant amount of noise to make a diversion and tip a fight into your favor.

Alert Trip Mine

These work similarly to blank fire decoys, except the alert trip mine is something that only activates when stepped over. You want to place it in a location you expect enemy players to walk over when entering a building, an area, or you think you need to know where they’re coming from. Again, this tool is something you use in specific situations. If you’re about to capture the bounty or are trying to widdle it down, the alert trip mine can notify you if other players are trying to ambush you. Admittedly, they will know you know they are coming, but it puts you both on the same level.

Electric Lamp

The final tool available to you is the electric lamp. You mostly want to find yourself using it on the night-based maps in Hunt: Showdown, but occasionally, these work great for when you’re going underground and have you no way to turn on any lights. The electric lamp is a simple light you can use to help illuminate your way. While it does give your position if you’re close enough to enemy players, you can use it to blind them. The fact you can blind an enemy hunter with this tool makes it a standout object, but it’s extremely situational. You don’t need to switch it off or no.