The best Undead units Warcraft 3: Reforged

The Undead faction is a relentless force in Warcraft 3: Reforged, and these are some of the best units available to you.

Image via Blizzard

If you feel the ground around has turned a sour color and food no longer has any taste for you, you might be undead. In Warcraft 3: Reforged, the undead faction is a fearsome foe to fight, and it takes a little creativity to use them in combat. Although, some of the best units available to them are standout combatants eager to take down any living foe.

Frost Wyrms

When you want to make some noise and let your presence be known to the enemy, you bring out your Frost Wyrms. These fearsome foes provide a powerful area of effect attack against your opponents, slowing them down and letting your ground enemies do some damage against them. There are several negatives with the unit, such as how slow they are to move around the map and how long it can take to build them.

While powerful, you want to surprise the enemy with them, so they don’t have time to counter. You can counter a Frost Wyrm by building up enough quick air units because a Frost Wyrm cannot use their area of effect attack against other flying units.


When you need a large unit in the front, the Abominations are going to serve as your frontline units to soak up the damage and dish it back out against the enemy. You want to couple them with Necromancers who can use the Unholy Frenzy ability to make them even more potent in a fight. They take forever to build, though. You want to provide Abominations a decent amount of support because while they dish out damage, you want to swarm your opponents with other, smaller units who can overwhelm their forces.


Your support Necromancers are going to cause terror on the battlefield while they summon weak skeleton units from the ground. These units are what you want to keep in the back and protected by stronger units, and if you do this, you can have your Necromancer enforce your units by using their Unholy Frenzy ability. It increases the attack of a unit by 75 percent, and if you want to stop an opponent from escaping, you can have them cast Cripple to reduce their movement, attack speed, and their damage.

If you don’t keep your Necromancers in the back, they will have a bad time. It’s essential to keep your troop formation in mind while using them.

Obsidian Statue

When you need to keep your allies above ground rather than having them return to it, the Obsidian Statue is your main unit. Much like the Necromancer, you want to keep it in the back while it casts the Essence of Blight to heal your stronger units in the front. It also can cast Spirit Touch, which restores mana to your magical units, which are consistently casting spells during a fight. They’re an excellent support unit to have in any Undead army.

When you’re ready, you can cast Morph into Destroyer to have them devour the mana of their opponents on the battlefield. They work to take out any casters on the enemy side, so you certainly want to make sure they’re ready to go if you’re fighting an army of mages.

Crypt Fiends

When you need more melee forces to jump to the side of your Abominations, the Crypt Fiends are a great choice. They can toss out the ability Web on your opponent, which prevents enemies from moving. It works on both air and ground units, making it great to prevent units from escaping so you can finish them off. While the ability works on air opponents, they cannot attack the air, so you still need a unit that can attack flying enemies to support them.

You want to move your Crypt Fiends all across the map to prevent weaker ground units from escaping and wreaking havoc on them. When they get hurt, and you need to pull them out combat, use the Burrow ability to have them regain health and become invisible. They become the perfect little traps if you can correctly place them.