The best warrior abilities in Wildermyth

Give your warrior the best abilities available.

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When you want a hero to charge to the front of a battlefield in Wildermyth, the warrior is your best option to deal some heavy melee damage, and act as your party’s protector. The warrior can learn a variety of abilities to make them a powerful fighter, but some of them are better options than others. These are the best abilities you can teach a warrior in Wildermyth.


With Bloodrage, whenever your warrior takes a direct hit and loses health, they’re going to start dealing additional damage against enemies. Most of the time, your warriors should have a good amount of armor on them to prevent them from taking direct health damage. Still, when they do, they can start hitting back even harder than they already do, making them an even larger threat, even if they have half of their health missing. You can upgrade this ability.


A warrior with Guardian has the choice to end their turn after their initial movement phase to attack any enemies that come into reach. If an enemy enters range during their movement turn, the warrior immediately attacks them. You can upgrade Guardian through other abilities, such as Vigilance and Long Reach, increasing its effectiveness. Guardian is a good way to strategically protect your ranged heroes from melee enemies that are rushing your party.


The Paladin ability works just like Guardian. However, it works differently by allowing a warrior to spend their entire turn moving, and when they’re finished, they immediately enter Guardian mode. It’s a more effective way to have your warriors sprint across a battlefield to protect against fast-moving enemies. You can upgrade this ability to have it, so your warrior always enters Paladin mode after their movement or when they’ve attacked.


If your warrior has Shieldshear, they have the chance to shred an enemy’s shield using their ability once every other turn. You can increase this ability based on your warrior’s potency. This can be an excellent way for your warrior to rush an enemy and remove their shield, opening them for even stronger attacks by your hunter or mystic heroes. You can upgrade this ability to have no cooldown.

Thundering Challenge

A warrior with Thundering Challenge can cause a single enemy to be terrified for one turn. If there’s a particularly powerful enemy you do not want to deal with for one turn, a warrior can use this ability to cause them to run away, and they will not reengage you until their next turn. The downside is does waste a warrior’s turn, so it usually helps if they have Paladin so they can finish their turn in a Guardian stance.


If your warrior is an aggressive attacker, you want to give them the Untouchable ability whenever possible. Untouchable has it so when a warrior kills a enemy, the next attack against them will miss. The ability allows one of your warrior heroes to take a few more risks in combat, to rush ahead of the pack, get a kill, and then cause trouble against enemies. You want to make sure a warrior can secure a kill. If they’re unable to end a enemy, they’re going to be left exposed.


Similar to the Untouchable ability, if your warrior is fairly successful in securing kills against the enemy, giving them Wolfcall is a good buff for all your allies. Any time the warrior secures a kill, they give all of their allies plus two speed until the next turn. You want to make sure the warrior goes first so as many other heroes as possible can benefit from this buff. You can upgrade this ability to give allies additional damage whenever they flank an enemy.

Zealous Leap

When you need your warrior to leap into battle, Zealous Leap is a good way to have them jump into a fight. As a swift action, every other turn, your warrior can use Zealous Leap to jump a few spaces away. You can increase the length of your jumps by giving your warrior more potency, and you can upgrade this ability so it cooldowns every turn.