The best way to get tokens in Rec Room

Earn your keep.

Rec Room

Image via Rec Room Inc.

As with any free-to-play game, new items and cosmetics are what draw players to Rec Room. You can buy new clothes for your characters by spending tokens, but how you earn these coveted tokens has grown more complicated a few years into the lifespan of Rec Room. Previously, you would earn tokens by opening boxes from completing games and activities, or you could earn tokens from doing challenges. This system has changed as of late 2020, however.

Presumably, the Rec Room team would want you to purchase tokens with your real money from the Token Store as the fastest way to obtain them. Rec Room also touts the ability to earn tokens from inviting new friends to the game. While there isn’t a surefire way to earn tokens in Rec Room, there is certainly one of a few methods you can choose as your best way to earn tokens.

Playing Rec Room Original Games

The Rec Room Originals from the developers of the game are a great way for any new player to get started. These games include Paintball, Dodgeball, Bowling, Golden Trophy, and others; by hitting Play and then Rec Room Originals, you can find them all in one place in the menu. At the end of your first game of the day, you will receive a Random Item Box. These boxes used to contain tokens, but now they will give you a choice of three different items to earn — one of these items may be a bundle of tokens.

It’s a rather tedious method, considering that there isn’t a guaranteed chance that one of the rewards will be tokens. And after winning your first box of the day, the Random Item Boxes you will earn for the rest of the day will come up randomly after you beat a Rec Room Original. Community members have found that by “speedrunning” or even throwing games will get them to the end of each round faster, mainly through the Paddleball VR Rec Room Original — if you have one player ending the game quickly by scoring on themselves, you can get to the end quicker.

Subscribing to Rec Room Plus

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, and Rec Room has a paid membership program called Rec Room Plus that offers a steady income of tokens to regular players. Subscribers to Rec Room Plus will earn 6,000 tokens every month, given through installments of 1,500 tokens every week. Keep in mind that you will have to login every week to claim these payments.

Additionally, Rec Room Plus subscribers will be able to sell Premium Inventions and Keys to to community to earn a large amount of tokens with each weekly drop. Your token payouts may even be enough that you can earn real money from your own creations. Remember though that this ability to sell your premium creations is only available for Rec Room Plus members.