The best ways to level up on Steam – Tips for leveling up on Steam

Level up your game.

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Steam is a video game digital distribution service that most gamers have used at some point. While applications such as Epic Games and Origin have emerged to compete with Steam in recent times, it’s safe to say Steam is still the go-to store for buying games for most. One of the major appeals of using Steam is the leveling-up system, which directly affects a user’s ability to add friends on the platform. If you are taking a break from playing games and looking for the best ways to level up on Steam, we’ve listed a few tips below.

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Crafting Badges

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Undoubtedly, crafting badges is the fastest way to earn XP on Steam. To do so, you need to utilize trading cards which can be accumulated by playing different games or buying them directly. Each badge will grant you 100 XP, which is a huge chunk of XP when it comes to leveling up. Keep in mind buying an expensive or rare trading card won’t yield higher XP, so it’s better to stick to cheap trading cards. Furthermore, if you are not willing to buy trading cards and want to collect them organically through playing different games, make sure that the game you play does yield trading cards.

Utilizing Steam Sales

Steam Sales are not just great for buying games at a discount but also a fantastic period for farming XP. Each time you craft a badge during the sale period, you will get a special trading card, which can be turned again into another badge. Furthermore, the badges during the sale period can be upgraded as often as possible, so there is no cap on the amount of XP you can get from one badge.

Buying New Games

This isn’t any shocking revelation that the more game you purchase on Steam, the more XP you’ll accumulate over time. However, this doesn’t scale well in the long run, as the more games you have in your library, the fewer XP you will get per new game. Furthermore, this doesn’t apply to free games on Steam, so you must pay for progress.