The best weapons to use in PUBG Mobile (2023)

PUBG Mobile offers a wide array of weapons to use in combat, but some stand out from the rest.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a wide array of weapons for players to use in combat. For the most part, each weapon class is represented well and balanced. With PUBG Mobile, the same reigns true. Although, there are some varying differences between the weapons in PUBG Mobile from the base game on PC and console. The recoil is different for some guns, along with a few base stat changes. So, what are some of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile?

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The best weapons to use in PUBG Mobile


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AWM is the best sniper rifle and has the highest damage among all the guns in the game. In the hands of an expert marksman, an AWM can easily knock out an opponent with a headshot, regardless of the helmet he’s wearing. However, the AWM is not a perfect gun. It’s very loud, meaning that people from afar can hear you when you shoot, and if you’ve missed and are spotted by an enemy, there’s a high chance you can’t fire it again due to its slow animation and reload time. 


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The Groza is the most balanced Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile. It has one of the best firing rates in the game and the best damage for an AR. It also has a good recoil that’s almost non-existent, and it doesn’t require accessories to shine on the battlefield. However, the Groza can only be found in airdrops, so it’s a rare gun. It is also not good in long-distance fights, unlike its brethren AKM and M416. Although it’s not a requirement, you might also want to grab a quickdraw magazine to compensate for its slow reload time.


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M416 is the best option for players of all skill levels. Easy to control recoil, the M416 can be used by a brand-new PUBG Mobile player and still be useful. To go along with the recoil, the M4 has substantial damage even when stripped of attachments. Though, you need accessories to compensate for its flaws for the best results.

The only con for this gun is that it’s limited to close to medium ranges fights. Using this in a long-distance fight will put you in a disadvantageous position due to its low single-fire damage and hard recoil in long-distance shots.


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There’s no doubt that the Vector is the best submachine gun (SMG) in PUBG Mobile. This tiny gun is very reliable, especially in the early parts of the game. It has a high firing rate making it very good in close-quarter combat, and it can fit various accessories. The only thing bad about this is it falls behind during the mid to late game when players are getting better loot. You might also want an extended mag to a vector to make it more deadly.

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Our favorite shotgun is the SK12. The SK12 is the best gun to have in the early parts of the game due to its high fire rate and damage as a shotgun. It’s very good for clearing out a building, given that not everyone has a decent vest.

The use of SK12 falls off quickly when people are getting better loot. We suggest maximizing the use of SK12 in the early rounds so you can move freely and loot the area once you have eliminated all of your enemies.