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The best weapons to use in Resident Evil Village

The lightsaber is not on this list.

Although not integral to the genre, weapons can often be the best part of a horror game. Nothing beats running from a terrifying monster only to realize you have a shotgun and can blow their head off. In Resident Evil Village, weapons are the key to your survival, and their viability will get you out of some sticky situations. Not all guns are created equal; some pack a punch while others act more like a fly swatter. It’s not all about power, though; some weapons are better than others because they will be more useful for longer periods of time or because of what kind of situation you’re in. You can’t exactly throw your knife at an enemy across the map, thus making it a lot worse than a sniper rifle.

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What are the best weapons in RE: Village?

Here are the five best weapons in Resident Evil Village.

#5 M1897 Shotgun

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are three different shotguns in Resident Evil Village, and while the others may pack more of a punch or shoot faster, the M1897 will be serviceable from the start of the game until the end. You will have to put some time and money into upgrading it, but it’s well spent as you’ll use it on Lycans and bosses alike.

The one thing that hinders this weapon is that, like all shotguns in video games, it’s only effective at short distances. Like every other horror game, if you’re afraid of your enemy, keeping them far away from you is a good idea. But with a shotgun, you’ll have to get up close and personal, which is dangerous. The M1897 is great and is around for the entire ride of Resident Evil Village, so it’s an excellent weapon in our books.

#4 F2 Rifle

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, what if you could blow monsters’ heads off, but from afar? Well, with the F2 Rifle, you can do just that. Found in Castle Dimitrescu, this rifle has a ton of stopping power and will allow you to put a healthy distance between you and any Lycan you may encounter. Since the castle is one of the first locations you visit in the game, it will be available to you for most of the game and has some tremendous interchangeable modifications.

You can get a more significant magazine to upgrade, a better scope, and a cheek rest to reduce aim sway. More bullets and better aim are great, but if you’re in a pinch and enemies start to get close, you can remove the scope to blast away at close range. The F2 Rifle is a serviceable weapon that can plow through some of Village’s most formidable enemies.

#3 V61 Machine Pistol

Screenshot by Gamepur

Machine pistols in Resident Evil are often seen as inaccurate, but most people don’t realize that you don’t have to spray and pray you hit something; just tap the trigger and take down enemies at a slower pace. If you’re up close, then you can unload on the creatures of the night without worrying about wasting ammo. The machine pistol is also great for big bosses who are bullet sponges, so don’t be afraid to fire away.

The only problem is that this weapon is up for grabs once you get to Heisenberg’s Factory, which is one of the last areas of the game. You can get suitable attachments like the drum magazine, gunstock, or the long barrel, all of which make the machine pistol much better or help offset its negative attributes. Even if it doesn’t kill an enemy in one shot, you can mow down Lycans with this helpful pistol.

#2 Dragoon Assult Rifle 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Obtainable while playing as Chris Redfield and after beating the game, the dragoon is a formidable weapon for more challenging game difficulties. It’s the only assault rifle in the game, and even buying the unlimited ammo perk for it is relatively cheap.

While it isn’t as powerful as the sniper rifle or as a shotgun, like the machine pistol, it’s great in small bursts and for bosses. The only thing stopping this gun from being truly amazing is the fact that most players will only get to try it if they reach the end of the game or beat it all together.

#1 M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a reason the typical magnum in Resident Evil is called a “boss killer,” and that’s because they’re easy to use, fast to reload, and quick to kill. They pack just as much of a punch as the shotgun but have all the benefits of a long-range weapon. If you want even more range, though, you can get the long barrel attachment and blow enemies shy-high. The only thing that matters is if you have great enough aim.

If you want a boss fight to be over soon, hoard your magnum ammo and completely unload on them. It’s amazing what one gun can do, and the magnum is arguably the best in the entire game. The only thing stopping it from being just that is the ammo, for it can be quite scarce.

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