The best Yu-Gi-Oh! structure decks

Get started with the best structure decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Image via Konami

If you’re looking to get into Yu-Gi-Oh, then a great place to start is with a good structure deck. These are pre-built decks that fit into a specific theme. If you buy three of the same, then you are usually good to start building other decks as well. So if you’re wondering which structure deck you should go with as you start, check out the list of our 10 favorites.

Dinosmasher’s Fury

Dinosmasher’s Fury brought the Dinosaur type into the spotlight and improved on their abilities in big ways. As a result, the Dinosmasher’s Fury is one of the best structure decks you can find, as it gives you access to amazing cards outside of just the dinosaur ones.

Emperor of Darkness

This is the oldest structure deck in the game, and while it is centered around Monarchs that have seen themselves slip into the background, there are still plenty of supports out there that can help make it effective.

HERO Strike

Coming in as one of the more expensive structure decks on the market, the HERO Strike has a reason to be more than others: it’s just really good. It comes with timeless cards that will always be useful and provide a lot of counter capabilities to any decks you may face.

Mechanized Madness

The Machina archetype is one that is constantly getting love and support with new cards coming out that benefit them. As a result, this structure deck is one of the best to have for starters. From the monsters, to the support, to the counters, so many cards in this deck are powerful enough to even warrant the lack of a strategy.

Order of the Spellcasters

This structure deck is constructed around using spell counters, which has seen a sort of rise to popularity in recent years. The release of new supports for this kind of play has helped to make this a viable strategy.

Rokket Revolt

A lot of the cards in this deck used to be only available with high rarities in booster boxes. Now, with this deck being sold, you can get those cards at a much more affordable price. Overall, this deck is best complemented with other cards, but it can still be an effective place to start.

Sacred Beasts

There have been competitive decks that are crafted purely around the Sacred Beasts because it has made summoning them so easy now — the support it offers them makes them hard to top. These are pretty much all god cards, and this deck is significantly powerful.

Shaddoll Showdown

Perfect for the casual duelers out there, this deck has helped reintroduce the Shaddoll archetype into the game. Look at the El Shaddoll Apkallone card, which brings solid ATK/DEF, great effects, and is easy to summon.


The Soulburner has a lot of potential in it — it has enough value in it to help you sell some cards to buy others while also giving you plenty opportunity to upgrade it to tournament-quality levels. It arguably has the best hand-trap in the game, which also helps a lot.

Zombie Horde

The Zombie Horde structure deck will help compete with just about any other decks out there, largely due to it having Doomking Balerdroch, which is an incredibly powerful card that is a lot of trouble for your opponent. Zombies have become a popular choice in the competitive scene, and this deck is a great place to start with them.