The Cycle – Complete Abilities List

The Cycle is a unique game where players are sent to an alien planet to collect resources. While gathering resources, players are competing against other players on the planet in an attempt to complete contracts for a set faction in the game. Several different NPCs are wandering the planet players have to hunt after or fight when attempting to collect resources for a contract. All of the players have a series of abilities they can use during a fight to turn an engagement to their favor. Here are all of the abilities players have the chance to use while attempting to compete for the number one spot.

All of the Abilities in The Cycle

All of the abilities in the game are broken up by the factions. Players have to gain standing with that faction to unlock access to these abilities, and then later craft them from rewards they get for completing contracts. We have all of the abilities in the game right now broken up by faction, and the faction level required to use it.

Players start with these two abilities immediately:

  • Starting Ability: Shock Grenade – A light grenade that deals damage for a few seconds when it lands.
  • Starting Ability: Stim Boost – Give your character a small health boost and increase damage resistance and health regeneration.

Korolev Abilities

Here all of the abilities associated with the Korolev faction in the game.

  • Faction level 2: Heavy Turret – Summon a heavy turret that engages any enemies in the area for 90 seconds.
  • Faction level 3: Kinetic Barrier – Summon a substantial barrier that prevents enemies from passing or shooting through it. But you can freely fire from the other side, safely.
  • Faction level 4: Evasion Cloak – Cloaks your character, allowing them to move faster while in this state. However, your character takes more damage while in this mode, and when the cloak is gone, your movement speed decreases for a few seconds.
  • Faction level 4: Orbital Bombardment – You mark an area where you send an array of missiles to damage any foe standing in it.
  • Faction level 6: Stand Your Ground – Give your character a stim boost, increasing their maximum health and reduces your weapon sway for a short time. However, your character’s movement speed gets cut down, and your health regeneration gets delayed.
  • Faction level 8: Skirmish Sphere – Cover a large area that damages your hostiles, but your heals do less while in this sphere.
  • Faction level 9: Warp Bomb – A directional warp device that emits a damaging explosion at the warp exit point.


Here are all of the abilities associated with the Osiris faction in the game.

  • Faction level 2: Triage Sphere – Conjure a device to emit a static field, increasing your character’s healing rate for a short time.
  • Faction level 3: Adrenaline Shot – Your character’s movement speed increases, but their health regeneration gets more delayed during the effects.
  • Faction level 4: Directional Warp – Create a portal your character can jump through, coming out on the other side.
  • Faction level 4: Precision Strike – Highlight a small area to receive heavy bombardment, damaging any foe in the radius.
  • Faction level 7: Protective Shell – Summons a shield around your character to protect them against any incoming damage for a short time.
  • Faction level 8: Surveillance Ward – Activate a scanner to highlight nearby players and objectives on the map for a short time.
  • Faction level 9: Concealment Cloak – Activate a cloaking device around your character. The cloaking device is not as good when the character is not moving but loses its effectiveness when you move around.


Here are all of the abilities associated with the ICA faction in the game.

  • Faction level 2: Healing Aura – A device attaches to your character to heal them, but is not as effective as the standard healing one.
  • Faction level 3: Snare Trap – Summon a device to attach to your opponent, reducing their movement speed.
  • Faction level 4: Safeguard – A barrier that blocks enemy and friendly fire, but does not prevent an enemy from moving through it.
  • Faction level 6: Orbital Barrage – Fire several rockets over a large area, doing small amounts of damage.
  • Faction level 7: Cloaking Device – Makes the character almost entirely invisible, as long as they do not fire their weapon.

Those are all of the abilities in the game. Have fun completing contracts and competing against other players, while surviving the harsh, alien wildlife of The Cycle.