The difference between Village and Hub Progress/Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

Know where you’re going.

Image via Capcom

There are a lot of quests to complete in Monster Hunter Rise. They largely fall into two main categories, Village Quests and Hub Quests. Both of them server different purposes, and have different rules and rewards.

In this guide, we will run through the differences between the two, and explain why you should try and progress both at the same time.

Village Quests

Village Quests effectively make up the Monster Hunter Rise singleplayer campaign. You can only complete these in singleplayer mode, and they tend to be a little bit easier than the Hub Quests for that reason.

Village Quests also provide the best chance to farm resources, as you are setting the pace yourself and can more easily explore areas without letting down your team by not helping them fight monsters.

Hub Quests

Hub Quests are the multiplayer side of the game, and tend to be tougher as the expectation is that more people will be playing them. They scale off the number of players in the instance, and will center around hunting bigger monsters.

Finishing quests of either type will earn you progress in that area, eventually allowing you to get tougher, higher-ranked quests of that same type. It is a good idea to progress both of them in lock-step, hitting the same benchmarks at roughly the same time. The reason for this is simple resource generation. It will technically be much easier to get drops from large monsters in the Hub quests, while Village quests give you an easier way to get other resources.

In this way, you will never be trapped behind the power curve, and will be able to upgrade your weapons and gear at a solid pace.