The different clan roles and how they work in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Who needs to do what?

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The foundations of a clan are necessary in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, and you need to understand how the different roles function in the clan. You won’t need to work them too early on during the game, but later on, it’s helpful to know how you can optimize them. It’s also good to know who needs to go in what roles when your clan grows so they can optimally do their jobs.

There are four different roles you can assign companions, and yourself in your clan:

  • Scout: Your scout will be able to track nearby threats better, be able to detect others who are traveling nearby, increase your party’s spotting distance, and provides you valuable track information. It relies on the scouting skill.
  • Engineer: This individual provides ample support for your siege weapons and your siege capabilities. It makes them more durable and far better in combat. This one leans on the engineering skill.
  • Quartermaster: You normally want your main character to have this role because it directly influences the number of troops available in your party, granting you the opportunity to increase it. The role relies on the steward skill.
  • Surgeon: You keep your party band healthier and make it easier for them to hear during their travels and when you have time to rest. It also increases the survival chance of party members who are injuries during the battle, and when they recover. The role relies on medicine.

You have the option to assign yourself any of these roles at any time during the campaign. Only one individual can have this role at a time. You may want your main character to assume one of the other roles, such as scouting, surgeon, or as the engineer. When you’re acting as this role, and you use it to assist your party, you passively gain experience points for performing it on behalf of the party. You do not obtain these points while another companion has this role, so you need to choose when you want to have it, and when you want another companion to take hold of it.

It’s essential to have a party member in one of these roles to receive the most benefits from having them activated. You won’t use them all of the time, such as the engineering role, but it’s good to have in the background when you do plan on using it to siege a settlement to take it for yourself.