The Division 2: How To Get Armor Kits

The new health system in The Division 2 is interesting. In the first game, players had three massive health bars they had to protect. If they lost health but did not lose one of the health bars, they could heal it back, however, if they lost one of the bars they had to use a healing kit to get it back.

In The Division 2, before health, there’s an armor meter protecting the Division agent. Armor only heals automatically outside of combat, and in battle, the agent has to rely on armor kits or skills to regain it back. When they lose it, they start losing health points, and if their health hits zero, they’re down. Here’s how to acquire armor kits to keep your Division agent ready for any tough encounter.

The Division 2 Armor Kits

How Many Can You Carry?

When you begin the game, you can carry up to three armor kits at any time. As you progress through the game, the encounters are going to become more difficult. When this happens, you’re going to start needing more than three armor kits in your back pocket.

To increase this size, you need to visit the Quartermaster in the White House and speak to him. Go to the Perks page, and on the top row, rightmost side, you should see a section dedicated to armor kits. If you grab all of the armor kit perks, you should be able to carry a maximum of six.

Where Can You Loot Them?

The Division 2 Looting Armor Kits

There are several ways to loot armor kits in The Division 2. One of the quickest ways is to loot them off of enemies. There’s no guarantee this is going to happen after every fight, so don’t waste your last armor kit if you think you can hold out. If you can’t, use it, and hope the last wave of foes drops one.

You’ll also have the chance to find them in lootable creates found near the restock box. If you can’t find it, take a quick second to explore and see if it’s hidden somewhere. Much like having your foes drop them, you have a chance for this happen. It’s not a for sure option.

You can also pick up armor kits in safe spaces, which are locations where you cannot fire your weapon and have to holster all of them. When you enter these areas, you’ll automatically have your armor kits refreshed. However, this is a perk. You can pick this one up from the Quartermaster back at the White House. You’ll find it on the first row of perks, right in the middle on the left side.