The Division 2: Endgame Content

The Division 2 places the player in the heart of Washington D.C. as Division agent, eight months after a lethal virus wreaked havoc in the United States. There’s no stable government, no proper society, and you can bet plenty of people have taken matters into their own hands to survive. As a Division agent, players run through the game’s campaign taking on challenge after challenge, attempting to make it easier for people to live. While the game does have a linear campaign, some players have asked they can do once they finished the game’s initial campaign?

What To Expect from The Division 2’s Endgame

Because The Division 2 leans more towards a traditional MMO experience, no, there’s no new game plus of the game’s campaign. Players cannot start the game over with a high-level character. However, they can start a new game with a new Division agent and play through it all again. Regardless, this doesn’t mean their high-level character doesn’t have anything to do.

When the first Division game had released, many of the players ran through the game and found they didn’t have much to do once they finished the game’s campaign. They took to the forums, and Ubisoft scrambled to create suitable endgame content to satisfy their player base. Unfortunately, the experience was never forgotten, and because of this Ubisoft have gone out of their way to assure players they’re going to have plenty to do after they’ve wrapped up the game’s main story.

Player Versus Player

Much like the first one, players are going to have the chance to experience the game’s Dark Zone, which is the PvP area. It’s the infected area where all Division agents have to wear masks to survive. In the region, they can face some challenging NPCs, and acquire some incredible loot, if they’re about to get out with their haul.

However, unlike the rest of the game where a player must invite another player to join their game, players are freely wandering around. If players see each other, they can choose to engage one another, or move on. More likely than not, players are going to duke it out because the winner gets to pocket the defeated player’s pockets for anything they picked up. It’s a dangerous game, but an exciting one if you go into the Dark Zone with a good squad of friends.


One of the new exciting elements coming to The Division 2 is raids. These raids are intense missions where players have to face off against challenging foes and advance through massive waves of enemies. There are other, difficult missions players get to try out earlier in the game. But in a raid, players need to take a full squad of eight people in with them if they hope to survive.


When players reach the game’s level cap, 30, they have the opportunity to unlock one of the three specializations. They are called Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. Each of these specializations come with a unique skill tree and a specialization weapon solely available for their class. These specific classes differentiate players far more than using a different set of guns from their squadmates, so this should keep the game feeling fresh when they unlock.

Hopefully, Ubisoft plans to unlock additional specializations in the future.

Co-op Missions

After hitting level 30, there’s going to be plenty of new missions and activities to do because the game gives you access to new co-op specific missions meant for you to team up with a few friends and complete. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not shared too many details about these missions, but as players jump into the game and level up, more information should release.


Did you have trouble finding a suitable party to play the game with during the initial campaign? Well, when you reach level 30, you’re going to have the chance to join a clan where you’ll be able to easily communicate and coordinate with other players to form raids and go into the Dark Zone with regularly. This feature also makes it easier to find a buddy to take with you on the co-op specific missions.

Plenty of DLC

Ubisoft revealed how they plan to release three different episodes this year, for free, for all players. Each of the chapters includes a new series of missions, gear, weapons, along with PvP activities for players and a brand new specialization for each episode. The first episode is called D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions and the second is called Pentagon: The Last Castle, which features a challenging new raid for players to try out. As of right now, the third episode does not have a name. These episodes release this year in the summer, fall, and the winter.

Even if players have to create an entirely new character to go through the game’s campaign again, they won’t be consistently feeling like there’s nothing to do. Ubisoft went out of their way to make sure of this.