The Division 2: How To Learn Your Gun’s DPS

A vital weapon aspect of The Division 2 is that whenever you open up your inventory to compare guns, you’re reading their raw stats. You’re not able to compare their DPS counts, based on how much damage the bullets do and how much of a clip the weapon has. You have to do that yourself. However, there is an excellent alternative to receiving this information.

The Division: Learning Your Weapon’s DPS

White House Gun Range

The Division 2 Gun Range DPS

The best way to learn about your gun’s DPS is to check out the gun range at the White House. Unfortunately, you’re not going to unlock this right away. You’re going to have to wait for a few levels before this opens.

You receive the gun range after you’ve upgraded the Theater settlement four times. After you’ve done that, you’re going to unlock the fourth person to join your crew, Charles Douglas. When you have him in the crew roster, you’re going to find the gun range to the left of the front entrance. Go down a small flight of stairs, and then go into the door on your right. You should see a full range you test out any weapons you bring with you.

The best part about the gun range is the opportunity to test out multiple aspects of your weapon. You can test how well it handles as an area of effect weapon, its accuracy, the damage it does per range, and, most importantly, the weapon’s DPS. The third slot is where you can fire your gun against multiple targets, and continue shooting it until there’s no magazine left. By the end, you should have a solid idea of how much it does per second, and if you should take it with you out into the field.

Make sure you’re hitting all of the body parts printed on the target dummies. Your damage changes based on where you’re firing at the target. For example, a headshot does significantly more damage than purely shooting the body. Again, it’s a great area to see which is going to serve you best. When you hit a higher level, this location becomes even better as the gun range’s dummy targets scale with your character as you level. By turning it from normal to the veteran or elite dummies, you can learn how well your weapon does against the stronger enemies you may encounter.

You can freely switch between weapons while in this area, so find out which guns feel the best before taking it up against your next big mission.