The Division 2 – How To Find The Stash

The Division 2

Your Stash serves an important role in The Division 2, as it allows you to stock up on valuable gear that you simply don’t want to carry around with you. This is important if you plan on building different loadouts that will need different stats to work.

How to Find Your Stash

White House Stash

You’ll be able to find your Stash via the minimap, where it will show up as a small box with a keyhole on it. The same symbol will appear on your HUD when you are near a Stash. The Stash looks like a large military style crate, with the familiar glowing orange circle of the Division on the lock.

The most obvious, and easy to find, Stash is at the Base of Operations. Located in the White House, you arrive here shortly after starting the game. The Stash is just inside the main door, to the right.

You can also find a Stash in the Theater Settlement. There will also be a Stash in every Safe House, and you are likely to be closer to a Safe House than any other friendly space in the game, so these are more than likely the ones you will use the most often.

Finally, your Stash starts out with a capacity of 50, but you can triple this by purchasing, and then fully upgrading, the Stash perk. Best of luck, Agent!