The Division 2 – How to Melee

The streets of Washington DC are dangerous in The Division 2, and you’ll want to make sure you use every weapon at your disposal. Often it will not be necessary to attack with firearms, but for stealth games you will need a melee attack.

The Division 2 How to Melee

While very early in The Division 2, you have access to two weapons at a time in your equipment, you may not have an equipped weapon to help you when you are involved in a close range attack. Hunting rifles or submachine guns can be better options when you find yourself an enemy at medium or short distance, and sniper rifles or LMGs are more powerful in long distance or open field. However, it can happen that time you are short of weapons or you don’t want to use them and your enemy is just a few meters away from you. Fortunately, you have the chance to use melee attacks and all you have to do is press R3 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Is the melee attack in The Division 2 useful?

When you press it, you will see your character hurl his weapon at the enemy near you. You should know, however, that close combat in The Division 2 is not the most useful tactic for combat. It will take away a high amount of health from a standard enemy, but it will leave you rather vulnerable when you face bosses or even enemies who are just a little more powerful. Melee attacks are a viable final option when you’re overwhelmed by enemies, but don’t expect one-shot kills. The best option would be to use this attack after weakening your enemies with your firearm.